Displaced Cards Fan Grapples With Recent Mets History

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Will Leitch struggles to think of “Four Things You Didn’t Know About The New York Mets”.

4) Glavine Still Has All of His Teeth.

Pitcher Tom Glavine, who is closing in on 300 career victories (he needs 25), almost never made it to the majors. He was a three-time All-Conference hockey player at Billerica (Mass.) Memorial High School, and was drafted by both the Atlanta Braves and in the fourth round and by the Los Angeles Kings (NHL) in 1984.

A fascinating tidbit. Except Tom Glavine doesn’t have all of his teeth.

2 responses to “Displaced Cards Fan Grapples With Recent Mets History”

  1. maura says:

    ah, the hasty edit that is the lazy blogger’s out:
    “Of course, he did lose some teeth in that car accident a few years ago, so maybe he should have stuck with hockey.”

  2. GC says:

    well, which is worse, making a dopey mistake or leaving the error uncorrected? I’m guilty of the former about a dozen times a day, through strive to clean things up, if I can.

    Which only kills the original headline, “Tom Glavine Still Has All Of His Teeth”.

    Still, this is a fairly piss-poor list of Mets factoids, and I maintain the Mets’ staggering quantity of indecent exposure-related incidents (Donn Clendenon, Joe McIllvane, David Cone, Garcia/Spencer, Leon Lee) are some kind of record for a club with a relatively short history.

    Here are some others that would’ve been more useful :

    1) The “M’ in M. Donald Grant stands for “motherfucker”.
    2) There’s a bar in Queens called Butterfingers where the phrase “You’re gonna love Bill Pecota” serves as the invitationt to take part in an orgy.
    3) Rafael Santana’s career revival has included collaborations with Michelle Brance and Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas, along with millions of album sales.
    4) Garth Brooks had a higher spring training batting average with the Mets than Bret Boone.

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