Ditka Lookalike Sought In Art Heist

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(Grabowski, above left, was unavailable for comment)

From the Chicago Sun-Times’ Frank Mann :

One of the art burglars looked like Mike Ditka, but shorter. He wore glasses and a blue golf jacket.

The other was a 5-foot-4 blonde in her 40s. She wore a tan trench coat straight out of film noir.

Together, they stole a $60,000 Rembrandt from Hilligoss Gallery, 520 N. Michigan, at 3 p.m. Sunday, police suspect.

“Our staff saw the people come in and greeted them, only to be sort of ignored with a steely stare by the guy,” owner Tom Hilligoss said. The couple were “in and out in less than three minutes,” Hilligoss said.

Gone was “Adam and Eve,” which the Dutch master produced in 1638. The purloined 6- by 4-inch etching was in a 24- by 16-inch frame. Hilligoss estimated that fewer than 100 etchings of Rembrandt’s “Adam and Eve” exist. It was the oldest work in his gallery.

“With their fleshy bodies and ordinary faces, Rembrandt’s Adam and Eve are easy to identify with. Their confusion, temptation and choice become ours,” according to the Art Institute of Chicago’s description of the etching in its collection.

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  1. Rog says:

    This is almost as funny as the Celtics getting the fifth pick in the NBA Lottery last night, which will undoubtably give The Sports Girl something to talk about for the next 16 weeks straight. He does podcasts now which only serve to highlight his whiney girl voice and his lack of knowledge about anything sports-related.

  2. warmowski says:

    Anybody want to buy a 6′ by 4′ picture frame?

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