Dr. “D” David Shultz : Grappler, Carpenter, Aspiring Astronaut

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Thanks to Dave Gionfrido for unearthing the above YouToob clip, otherwise Shultz’ legacy might be limited to deafening John Stossel.  As is, this piece of cinema vérité is remarkable on multiple levels.  Given the old WWF’s penchant for employing wife beaters and tolerating the abuse of children, there’s something especially creepy about Shultz’ threats of domestic violence being played for laughs.  The most disturbing part of this, however, is that despite being unable to afford proper trousers, Shultz lives in a house larger than mine.

3 responses to “Dr. “D” David Shultz : Grappler, Carpenter, Aspiring Astronaut”

  1. Greg D. says:

    What is this? The City Dump?

  2. Dave7007 says:


  3. mikeg says:

    People say Hulk Hogan was good friends with Dr D when they where coming up. The truth is Hogan was scared to death of schultz and played being his friend. David Schultz can hold his head up anywhere he goes for one simple reason. He never degrades himself by being misleading or untruthful. This is a very rare quality in any individual. I have heard some people call him degrading names and you have to just sit back and laugh. Regardless of how he may sound when he speaks with his accent from the south the man has integrity. We all make mistakes in life and he is no exception but there is no lying in this person. He always speaks the truth to others and stays true to himself.

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