Dr. Gene Scott Is Dead, Prepare For The Apocalypse

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Says Kris Gillespie, “First Hunter S. Thompson, then the Hunter S. Thompon of televangelism.”

Points out Ben Schwartz, “no one even mentions the Werner Herzog documentary, “‘God’s Angry Man'”, though given that Ben is citing the “Cocksucker Blues” of televangalist movies, that isn’t surprising.

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  1. Barry Eldeen says:

    It seems to me that if Paul in the New Testament had not taught the church, Dr. Gene Scott would have. He taught me the true meaning of “The Gospel”, free of good works. Thank God for Dr. Scotts teaching. Barry Eldeen

  2. Alan Bosch says:

    Dr. Gene Scott was the bright white light of televangelism. His sermons were engaging and his forays into church and world history were incredibly expansive and informative.

    But perhaps his greatest service to televangelism was indirect: demonstrating the intellectual and social bankrupcy of radio ranters like Brother Stair.

  3. Vilas Steckly says:

    Dr. Gene Scott was the Only minister I’ve seen who actually took the time to understand, translate and decipher the Bible in a coherant fashion. I’ve lost one of my best friends temporarily, but I’ll see him when I get there. He does Rest in Peace.

  4. Mark Uhde says:

    I first discovered Dr. Gene Scott in 1985, continually finding his program while installing C-band satellite dish systems. I spent a lot of time watching his studio programs, as well as his Sunday services…The most intelligent man I’ve ever seen. I re-discovered him this past summer while setting up a Ku-band Free-to-air satellite TV system & re-acquainted myself with him….bought several of the books he read out of: Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Hostage to the Devil, etc. I miss him dearly. God has blessed me greatly with the gift of the Doc.

  5. I watched Dr. Gene Scott back in the 80’s and the one teaching that I have lived with is this about Faith…Faith is an action word. There are the ABC’s of Faith. A – Act B- Belief C- Confidence. Act upon your Belief and that will give you Confidence.
    God Bless Dr. Gene Scott.
    Thank you,
    Neely Reynolds

  6. None of your business says:

    You’re an idiot

  7. Think retards says:

    You people are so fucking stupid it hurts to read your inane comments. he was a kook – a fruitcake who stole people’s money
    so he could buy race horses. use your fucking brains…oh well, I guess that’s impossible because your brainless dipshits!

  8. John Charles says:

    Dr. Gene Scott was not just someone that I saw on tv – He was my boss in the 70’s. I got him to take his saxiphone out of the moth balls. I enjoyed serving as music director at Westscott Christian Center, running the book store, making back drops and singing on his early tv tapings. I last saw him at Pop Scotts memorial in Berkley. He was an outstanding teacher!

  9. Jrussell says:

    Gene Scott was awesome. Whether you thought he was nuts or not… he did accomplish something many people never will… he led people to think and accept Christ, without resorting to stupid emotional trickery. Gene’s teaching across scross historical subjects was far beyond the normal drivvel you get in any other formal education, and like our Lord and Saviour, he had enough salt about himself to plainly state that there are many people who simply will NEVER get it. (re-read WHY Jesus taught in parables! “lest some should understand, and be saved”)
    On the off chance Mrs. Scott ever reads this, I ask that we all support her as she carries through whatever plan Doc left her; and please, Mrs. Scott, make the archives available for those of us who have been with you guys for so long. There’s enough of Gene’s persona in those that being able to re-read some of those from time to time helps make the space between us and Gene a little smaller.
    Can’t tell whether we should mourn his passing, or celebrate the fact that it d**D sure wasn’t cancer (!! up yours, asteroid orofice! God got the last laugh!) But we all know Gene (like his Mom & Pop) are in the Lord’s presence, and maybe, one day, I’ll still get to meet him!

  10. CSTB says:

    “on the off chance Mrs. Scott ever reads this…”

    Yeah, she’s a regular visitor. There’s no better way to keep track of Tom Sizemore and Jose Reyes gossip.

  11. pat kavanagh says:

    just got back from hearing mrs scott in berkeley
    never heard her before
    i enjoyed this very much
    a seed is planted , and it produces much more
    good job doc…

  12. Dennis Callahan says:

    I enjoyed the earlier days of Dr Scott and even though the comments here range from dedicated to silly Im sure the Doc would have enjoyed reading them all. Mostly will miss his diverse personality and I remember once donating to his church receiving a lithographed, signed piece of his art which was surprisingly good. He will be missed in my life for the smiles he brought to late nights.

  13. NoName says:

    Yes, Jesus, aka, Yehudi, owned stables of race horses, several yachts, mansions, did threesomes every night and was otherwise obscenely rich ? Just a matter of translation. “Ah hav seen da lite !!!”

  14. cari says:

    He without sin cast the first stone. Why are you so judgemental over someone else liking a preacher you disagree with? Why do you feel so angry about his belongings? How could/would you know his holdings? If you are truely “in the know” while judging the dead and so passionately who is judging you? Keep talking and attacking if it makes you feel better about yourself, deal with that when your time comes. Yet, Jesus loved to say open your ears and you should unless…you are without sin?

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