Dwayne Schintzius & The High Price Of Being An Iconoclast

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Much like Allen Iverson, Dwayne Schintzius’ fashion statements weren’t always appreciated in the early ’90’s NBA, and the former Spurs C is quoted by the San Antonio Express-News’ Tim Griffin, explaining the toll such bold moves took on his hoops career.

Schintzius believes his mullet-style  lobster haircut he wore during his season with the team was the major reason for the trade.

It seems that then-Spurs general manager Bob Bass didn’t like the haircut and wanted his prized rookie to trim his locks.

“He told me to cut it,” Schintzius told old friend Joey Johnson of the Tampa Tribune (hat tip Project Spurs.com). “So I got it cut and sent him the shavings in an envelope. I’m not sure he appreciated that. And then, away I went.”

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