Eat Your Heart Out, Curtis Sliwa : Bobby V’s Is Connecticut Hamlet’s Guardian Angel

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The Stamford Advocate’s Kate King reports former Mets skipper / current ESPN baseball analyst Bobby Valentine (above, left) has been appointed the city of Stamford, CT’s director of public health and safety. If you’re wondering why “Wanted : ” posters featuring the likenesses of Todd Hundley and Pete Harnisch have begun to appear around Stamford this afternoon, here’s why (link culled from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

Valentine, a lifelong Stamford resident, will begin in his new role immediately and will earn $10,000 annually, a salary he said he plans to give back to the community.

“I’m going to give this my best effort,” Valentine said during a press conference with Pavia at the Government Center Thursday. “The thought of trying to do good in a very public way is a very exciting challenge in my life.”

Pavia cited Valentine’s management and leadership skills as a local business owner and international baseball manager as the rational behind selecting him to head the public safety department. He also pointed to Valentine’s work over the past six months as chairman of the mayor’s fire department task force as an indication that the job was a good fit.

Sgt. Joe Kennedy, president of the Stamford police union, said he was skeptical that Valentine could really contribute to the city’s public safety departments.

“When do we get to meet Derek Jeter?” Kennedy said Thursday afternoon. “Honestly, I guess this is going to be a ceremonial position. I know he’s a nice guy, I have no idea what his professional background is going to bring to this position.”

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  1. Dave says:

    I ate at Bobby Valentine’s restaurant in Stamford once, back in the ’80s. I have no idea if it’s still there. If it is, I guess it would be getting a free pass on any health inspections now.

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