Elderly Sports Blog Editor Wonders, “Why Are Teens Following Mark McLemore On Instagram (And What Did He Do To Upset Them?)”

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(ok, wrong guy)

Though Derek Erdman usually features in CSTB for his fantastic artwork or widely beloved efforts as revenge-rapper-for-hire, Rap Master Maurice, his most recent item in Seattle’s The Stranger indicates Seattle based MC Ben Haggerty, aka Macklemore of Macklemore & Lewis fame, has generated ill-will in Northern California ahead of this weekend’s Niners/Seahawks NFC Championship game.

I was thrilled to witness a number of inane teenagers attack Macklemore’s Instagram photo post of a shiny jacket declaring “49ERS SUCK.” While some of the comments supported the pro-Seahawks sentiment, most were bereft of much thought at all, summed up by emmypeach8: “#yourabitch #hater #judgementalrapper.” Or perhaps by mogalybearbeck, “OMG and I totally THOUGHT you were awesome…change of heart. officially, with this post!”

I notice that the comments adopt a cyclical repetition. A number of people threaten to unfollow Macklemore’s account. dtab22 and others declare that they are no longer fans. Fair-weather followers turn their backs, not on a man who has urinated on under-aged girls, but a person who has posted a picture of a jacket. A number of controversial slurs emerge. 49ers209 chimes in with, “U suck fag ur shehawks are going down u see!” Another commenter offers the confusing, “I hate the 49ers but you gotta love this jacket.”

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