Embracing Suckiness As A Selling Point : The Winless New Jersey Nets

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(never let it be said no one cares about the Nets – their recent woes resonate greatly with persons who consider David Wells to be an aesthetic influence)

The New York Times’ Ken Belson — possibly the only individual in the tri-state area paying attention to this kind of thing — reports the 0-10 Nets have a promotional scheme for tonight’s game with Indiana that openly acknowledges the team’s troubled state.

All season ticketholders will receive two extra tickets for Tuesday™s home game against the Indiana Pacers. The Nets are also selling some seats for $10 at the box office, while supplies last.

œYour team has played very hard this season, but with an unprecedented amount of injuries, we just haven™t been able to attain a victory, Brett Yormark, the team™s chief executive, said in a statement.

œBut even with the injuries, the entire team believes that ˜10 Is Enough.™ That™s why we are asking you, our loyal fans, to rally around your team like never before at Tuesday night™s game. So bring your enthusiasm, show your support, and let™s get our first win.

Belson quotes a Nets source as expecting 15,000 people to turn up at the Swamp tonight, which sounds like the sort of wide-eyed optimism that should serve Mr. Yormark very well during his job interview with the New York Mets next spring.

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  1. David Roth says:

    Obviously I do pay attention to this sort of thing. I have kind of made it one of my bummer-est beats, but I kind of couldn’t bring myself to to cover it. I am just so barfingly exhausted with Yormark. The guy pretty openly disrespects NJ and its fans, which is obviously not the way to my heart, but more to the point his gimmicks just suck — Nets games are MISERABLE to be at, whether the team’s winning or losing, because it’s basically like one long commercial; promos like this and the reversible-LeBron-jersey thing from earlier this fall manage to be both offensive and, more to the point, ineffective. For all their ostensible innovation, it really seems like the only purpose — or at least the only effect — is calling attention to Yormark, and making the team he works for look clownish by association. Do not want.

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