Empire State Of Lying : Calcaterra Calls B.S. On MLB’s Jay-Z Coverup

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If you’re like me, upon hearing Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ scheduled performance of “Empire State of Mind” prior to Game One of the World Series was being delayed to Game Two due to poor weather, your first thought  was “big deal, Mushnick won’t be calling Hova a drug dealer until Friday”. The eagle-eyed Craig Calcaterra of Circling The Bases is a tad more observant than you or me, however. pointing out what several thousand Ohioans already knew —- Jay-Z was booked to perform at Columbus’ Schottenstein Center tonight.

My guess:  someone here in Columbus told Jay-Z’s people that they’d sue him for breach of contract if he didn’t show up for tonight’s show and he begged Major League Baseball to let him move his Alicia Keys thing to Game 2.  Whether it was Jay-Z or baseball who, in the first instance, thought that the good people of Columbus would stand idly by while he dissed us for New York is unclear, but as always, the wholesome Midwest triumphs over the forces of east coast decadance and evil.

3 responses to “Empire State Of Lying : Calcaterra Calls B.S. On MLB’s Jay-Z Coverup”

  1. ben schwartz says:

    A-Rod = .000, and I don’t blame Jay-Z for not showing up.

  2. Great performance…the energy was hard to create because of the size of the stadium, but still dope nonetheless. Alicia Keys was looking sooooooooo right in those jeans…my gosh. I’m not even into her like that, but damn.

  3. JC3d says:

    He managed to perform at Game 2 & still make it to London, Ont, Canada for his show that same night. So, not sure the whole breach of contract thing is really the case.

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