Everything You Know Is Wrong

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An incident just occured that challenges everything all laws of time and space.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Piazza just gunned down Juan Pierre trying to steal 2nd.

And Pierre didn’t even fall down on the way.

(UPDATE : 8 IP, 5 hits, no walks, 10 K’s, 111 pitches thrown by the otherworldly Pedro Martinez, who ran his record to 5-1 with the Mets’ 1-0 win. Save for back to back doubles allowed to Mike Cameron and Cliff Floyd, the Fish’s Brian Moehler was almost as sharp.)

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  1. David Roth says:

    Credit where it’s due: the Mets have managed to win the last two games against two of the finest pitchers the American League had to offer in 1998. Still, it’s nice to see them come back from what looked like a season-compromisingly awful performance in Atlanta and get two wins against a very good team. I still think next year will be their year to really make some noise, but God bless them for being interesting and watchable — in a non-car crash way — for the first time in years.

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