Eyeblack Stickers – The Final Frontier For Hate Speech

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Flicker user James G snapped the above pic of Blue Jays SS Yunel Esobar over the weekend, and while he’s open to the possibility Escobar is the victim of some sort of clubhouse gag, the photographer’s not impressed either way. (link courtesy The Tao Of Stieb)

I have been conflicted about posting this picture since last night. I have a privileged seat near the Blue Jays dugout and allows me a close up of some pretty awesome moments. This one, however, is really disappointing. For those whose Spanish isn’t fluent, have never seen Scarface or fail at google, Yunel’s eyeblack “TU ERE MARICON” translates to “You’re a faggot”. There are some small Spanish locales where it translates to “pussy” not “faggot” but that’s a very small possibility.

I started asking myself why I wouldn’t just post this image right away. It needs to be seen and it needs to be known that this is not okay. I was concerned that the players may be able to recognize that this was me who took this picture and would therefore rebuff the whistleblower but this is something Escobar wore on the field.

3 responses to “Eyeblack Stickers – The Final Frontier For Hate Speech”

  1. glenzo says:

    Can someone please turn this into a baseball card that can be sold as a set with Billy Ripken’s?

    Bobby Cox, unavailable for comment….

  2. Jeff Gunnarson says:

    James G should have some warm milk and a cookie, snuggle up to mommy and have a nap. He’s had a very stressful time.

  3. GC says:

    it took a whole 24 hours for someone to suggest that a fan troubled by an MLB player putting a homophobic slur on his person oughta, y’know, lighten up. At least it took that long.

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