Fair Warning To Courtney Love – Cowherd’s A Free Agent

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From the LA Times’ Larry Stewart :

ESPN Radio talk show host Colin Cowherd announced on the air Thursday that he and his wife of 11 years, Kim, are getting a divorce. They have two children, a 7-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old son. Cowherd indicated the separation is amicable.

Stewart neglected to mention that on Tuesday, Cowherd described to his listeners how they could easily sneak liquid contraband onto a commercial flight. “When I’m on the road, I’ve got to bring my “A” game,” bragged Colin, who insisted a particular brand of hair gel (!) was requisite for his success in the big-wide-world of sports radio.

Rather than have said product confiscated as part of his carry-on luggage (cue 5 minute monologue on why “if you wanna travel with me, you don’t check bags” — hey, relationships have ended over less), Cowherd claims he shoves the hair gel stick down his pants. Mucho hilarity ensued about the size of the Cowherd codpiece.

Much as I’m sure Cowherd’s devotion to looking his best was only motivated by his desire to be the family breadwinner, I am also hopeful the Disney company, if not Homeland Security, will look into the morning host’s efforts to advise budding terrorists.

7 responses to “Fair Warning To Courtney Love – Cowherd’s A Free Agent”

  1. Bruce says:

    The guy keeps comparing himself to Stern and Rush, and in the process, thinks he can get away with anything. Unfortunately for him, he’s closer to Mancow, and about as entertaining. I have a feeling he might get his come-uppance sooner than later.

  2. Joe says:

    Cowherd is a huge clone of Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. He acts as though he’s cutting edge and is more a social/sports commentator. He takes little nuances of personality and OBSESSES over it, analyzing and delievering one analogy after another.

    Two things I abhor about Cowherd;
    1) His whinny, high-piched, manic voice and pace.
    Could this guy drink any more coffee? I hate men with whinny voices. Sometimes Mike Golic is like this as well. YUCK! Be a freakin’ man already.
    I’ve had to stop listening to Cowherd, this being one of many reasons.

    2) His absolute sellout to whatever is IN and CURRENT and his rationalization of all things. It was NO surprise to me he is getting a divorce. Guys like this always get divorces, especially because his wife probably isn’t cutting it according to the ever hip Cowherd. With his success he now leaves the nest because his wife isn’t good looking enough, thin enough or some other obsessive trait he thinks she should possess.

  3. paul says:

    He’s from the west coast…what do you expect

  4. bill says:

    I can’t stand how he repeats his point during his show. He will get to the point in his argument where he gets to the punchline and just repeats and repeats!

  5. Spider says:

    bill, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve sent colon an email on this very same point on numerous times, telling him how redundant he is. Of course he doesn’t answer my emails anymore. It’s akin to cutting of the callers when he doesn’t agree with them.

  6. Noah says:

    You all suck. Colin is a great host. He is funny and has insight. You’re just jealous.

  7. Trey says:

    Had lunch w Colin 2 yrs ago at Texas ou. He told me he did alot of standup comedy prior, which made sense to me

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