Family Unfriendly Florio – Hates Babies, Lazy Dads Who Can’t Work 16 Days A Year

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On the bright side, it’s nice to read a paternity related NFL item that has nothing to do with Antonio Cromartie. On the other hand, we’re unlucky to be exposed to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio taking issue with players expecting payment for games they’ve missed to attend the birth of their children. “If push comes to shove, should they choose to be present for the pushing and not the shoving?” QUIET, MIKE….Tebow still doesn’t know where babies come from!

It’s a thorny issue. My position was and is that the players have made a lifestyle choice that entails being available 16 days per year, no matter what. If they choose not to plan their nine-month family expansion activities to coincide with the eight months per year when their work activities don’t entail playing games that count, why should their teams suffer the consequences?

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