Finally, An All-Inclusive Club For People Just Like Me & You (Or Perhaps, Just You)

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Thanks to Che Ryeback for his kindness in forwarding an invitation to join the Facebook group, “1,000,000 People Against Frank Caliendo”.  While I’m seriously stoked to be a part of this Virtual Million Man Or Woman March, I do wonder, what’s with the one million capacity?

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  1. Aaron Ranna says:

    You know what GC, I know that you think that your hot shit and all, but holy shit…you had something to do with Liz Pharf!!!!Oh, and you’re a fucking racist clown who censors people.

  2. GC says:

    Once again, I thank you for staying on topic. Given that I’ve now been accused of censoring your comments for the umpteenth time despite having foolishly published each of your comments (along with a racism accusation that you’ve not backed up, despite countless opportunities to do so), I think we’ve reached the point where I’m gonna have to bid you a fond farewell. There’s more than a few unmoderated forums just dying for a contributor with your wit and insight, and frankly, I no longer feel right about monopolizing such a powerful thinker.

    ADDENDUM : Our Oregonian friend must’ve missed this message, as he’s continued to post today — presumably, he’s allowed to take a midafternoon break from selling flowers by the side of the road. There’s not much new to report other than he’s gone looking for me on Facebook and insists “you look like an old Jewish lesbian”. Seriously, if this wasn’t getting a little stalkerish, I’d let him know that my hairdresser swears Olympia Dukakis has the same look — and she’s not even close to Jewish. The Most Powerful Mind Of The Pacific Northwest also opined that I “don’t have the sac” to 86 him from this site. Wanna bet?

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