Finally, White People Receive Some Recognition

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Hey, it’s not all writing award-winning screenplays and making hit recordsWhite people can play basketball, too! (not shown : special Hank Finkel cover for the Boston market).

6 responses to “Finally, White People Receive Some Recognition”

  1. Repoz says:

    “White people can play basketball”

    Fuck yah…I grew up next tenement door over from Jackie Gilloon (beat Moses Malone out for the Dapper Dan MVP, boozed while being recruited by decrepitted Frank McGuire, broke all assists records at South Carolina, selected by the Jazz…got drunked/drugged..etcetcctecte)

    But we used to travel to Newark, Englewood, NYC for games and they were all blown away by the bestest ballhandler the bogus lord ever made.

  2. Rog says:

    Funny, I don’t see playing basketball on this very informative anthropological study of the white race.

  3. Johnny Boy says:

    Jackie Gilloon is “WHITE” alright…..as in white( expletive).

    He`s a spoiled drunken ass !

  4. Johnny Boy says:

    See the thing with Jackie is oddly enough ” success ruined him”. He was greater than most high school & some college players but not great enough to make the NBA and he took solace in alcohol etc.
    It`s like a”Horatio Alger in Reverse” story.

    The dude`s in rough shape & I wish him luck in his struggle to survive.

    Me, I`m glad I`m another shmuck !

  5. Mark says:

    I thought he was teaching school in West New York with special needs students. Also, in some other article, he was in shape and still working out with other former basketball players.

  6. Johnny Boy says:

    He`s just lucky he`s alive…..

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