Fired Fox Sports Radio Host Is The Last Man In America To Learn Of SAS’ Broadcasting Chops

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Former ESPN Radio, TV and interweb fixture Stephen A. Smith returned to the airwaves this month with a daily program on Fox Sports Radio.  Smith’s predecessor, Steve Czaban (above), found out the hard way the only thing worse than being unemployed is having all sorts of spare time to listen to the guy that took your job.

My replacement, Steven A. Smith, certainly has his own, ahem, style. I said, he HAS¦ HIS¦ OWN¦ STYLE! The best thing about him I have realized already, is that when he makes a point, he™ll repeat it for you just in case you missed it.


Which I think we can all agree, helps make any point a little better.

I was listening and wondered: œDidn™t he just say that? Oh, wait. Maybe I hit the œ8-second jump back button my car radio TIVO. Then I realized, I don™t HAVE an in-car radio TIVO, and he DID just say that.


I remember when I would sometimes wander a bit on a non-sports tangent. I would always get angry text messages about 3-4 minutes into it, imploring me to get back to sports. So usually, at about the 6 minute mark without any sports oxygen, I would realize, I better get back to the sports surface.

Mr. Smith appears to have a much bigger dive tank.

For example, on the Friday before the most glorious four-game orgy of NFL playoff action “ in the meaty tenderloin of the 3-hour show, the 7 a.m. eastern hour “ Mr. Smith spent the first 19 minutes flirting with his two female co-workers on the air.

He also mentioned (several times) how gorgeous another un-known saleswoman in the office was, a woman I am certain will remain unknown to 99.99% of his audience from now until, um, eternity.

He finally got around to some NFL talk a few minutes before the break. Yet sadly, he only offered a half-hearted thought/prediction/hope on a single game (Cowboys v. Vikings). I listened closely. I couldn™t really tell if he was making a prediction, or not.

Then, he asked his two female co-workers what THEY thought about the game! Awesome! I had been waiting to hear their breakdown all morning, so wow, this was gonna be good!

One said she was rooting for the cowboys. The other said¦ well, I forgot.
Then, it was time for a break. Whew. Hard work, a solid segment in the books.

6 responses to “Fired Fox Sports Radio Host Is The Last Man In America To Learn Of SAS’ Broadcasting Chops”

  1. hojohifive says:

    The Czabe got me through the morning. Listening to SAS will no doubt land me in jail.

  2. GI Joe says:

    I want Czabe back. I’ve emailed FSR and am searching out websites to leave feedback. Called FSR last Sat afternoon. Inside 1 hour of kickoff and Moriarty, Deese and the airhead chick were talking movies. I complained to the call screener & was hung up on. I understand that crap is over on the Oprah XM channel
    I’ve had it with FSR. I can handle Bruno & Fricke. They should have kept Bruno instead of Siciliano a long time ago. The freaks at 7-10 pm EST are just that, freaks. Evidently, Fox thinks 18-25 y.o.’s are sitting around the radio then.
    Smith is a winner at the Biggest Loser (not involving weight). Heard him on Hannity’s FNC show. Amazingly, Smith had no “Negro Dialect” (thanks for the line Harry Reid). Since I was listening on XM rather than watching, I was puzzled. Perhaps there are 2 Steven A Smiths.
    After many long years, I’m going back to ESPN radio. They talk sports there. I don’t need entertainment news and boring banter on my sports radio.

  3. Love Czabe says:

    About the only thing worse than having Stephen A Smith on the air is Petros and Money. You see, on the west coast, we are lucky that SAS is on while we are still sleeping (3-6 AM), but PMS is on during our drive time. Is it possible for Petros TO TALK ANY LOUDER AND STILL SAY NOTHING??????????????????? Also, so glad they switched Bruno and JT…. Bruno is great, JT’s act got old years ago. Luckily, Czabes DC show can be heard on the ESPN website, so I actually get to hear more of him than I did before. I like Andrew Siciliano, and he is on the air locally in LA, but unfortunately he is paired with Mychal Thompson who is nothing but a Laker homer and lives in his Lakers of the 80’s and 90’s world.

  4. stupidass says:

    Czabe was ok but it was funny how he backtrack on farve! And the beach body diet? please n!!! 90’s remix dont play geezer 2wice amonth and never play aliceinchains or AC/DC

  5. randy says:

    Bring back czab………….. he had the best show on fox…………… someone hire him and hurry………………………

  6. Jason says:

    I am surprised just how bad Smith is as I liked him on Espn(not his show, yuck) He was a good guest on someone else’s show. I used to listen to Czabe twice a day and now almost never tune in Fox and forget DP is even on. ESPN is now soooooo much farther ahead. Good thing Mad Dog is on satellite radio too!

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