Fleury Reveals Sexual Abuse, Secret Underground Society

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Currently attempting a comeback with the Calgary Flames, Theoren Fleury has an autobiography, ‘Playing With Fire’,  hitting the shelves that details  abuse he suffered at the hands of convicted sexual predator Graham James during his teenage tenure with the WHL’s Moose Jaw Warriors. From the Winnipeg Sun‘s Bill Kauffman :

In excerpts from his new book in Maclean™s Magazine, Fleury tells of how James wore down resistance to the coach™s advances while he spent two nights a week at the older man™s home in the 1980s.

œGraham was on me once or twice a week for the next two years, Fleury told Maclean™s, confirming what many have suspected for years after Fleury™s one-time minor league teammate Sheldon Kennedy blew the whistle on James in 1996.

He also describes a road trip he and Kennedy took with James to Disneyland in which his teammate was sexually abused in the car™s front seat while he slept in the back.

œThink about how sick that is, said Fleury, while also recalling taking turns sleeping with James in motel rooms on the same trip.

The ex-Flame said he decided not to reveal his secret in the 1980s for fear the stigma attached to it would have aborted any hope of an NHL career.

Instead, Fleury said he numbed the trauma with vast amounts of booze, drugs, gambling and strip club romps that he believes consumed most of the $50 million he™d made in the NHL.

œI would go five, six, seven, eight levels below the streets of New York and party with freaks, transvestites, strippers and all kinds of shady people, he said.

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  1. Guest Informant says:

    I’m looking forward to the revelations of how you we’re sexually abused by Thurston Moore.

    You know…it would be really funny.

    PS Let’s settle for something more recent and start an annual holiday to show home movies of your house going up in flames.

  2. GC says:

    I’d prefer to characterize it as consensual activity.

    re : my house and a new annual holiday. A fine idea. Even internet trolls deserve a day off.

  3. It doesn’t get really hairy until the 8th level below NYC. Or so I’m told.

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