For A Real Shitty Time, Call 646-418-1232

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I’m sophisticated enough about the big, goofy world of publicity to understand that CBS Sportsline’s Alex Rietmiller probably meant no harm in sending me a press release announcing that Will Leitch would be “glogging” Super Bowl XLI for SportsLine.

“We obviously pride ourselves on our strong original editorial, but pushing out additional content from unique voices like Deadspin and eventually allowing our best and brightest fans to publish on our site is a game-changer for us,” said Joe Ferreira, vice president of programming and executive producer of CBS SportsLine.

That said, it probably wasn’t a great idea to include the Screech’s phone number on the blurb.

4 responses to “For A Real Shitty Time, Call 646-418-1232”

  1. james says:

    it’s funny how deadspin (he/they/it) and co. were more enchanted by a comment section on bill simmons’ column as opposed to the dreck published here:


    i’m sure that’s exactly what dr. king had in mind when he delivered that speech.

  2. james says:

    i should note that the link on the front page is where the reference is:

    “Thirty-nine years after Martin Luther King Jr. imagined the Promised Land, two black NFL coaches arrived.”

  3. GC says:

    maybe I’m too old (ie. older than 12) to see the laff riot in doing the comment gang rape of Simmons’ ESPN entries, much as I find 99% of the Deadspin commentary to be lamer than the sort of shit we used to see on IRC “sports” chat 15 years ago. Just cause you have a chance to say whatever you want doesn’t mean you oughta.

    and I think it goes without saying that CSTB’s commentators, though they are puny in numbers. generally slay on a daily basis. As long as the topics aren’t ‘Melo’s wife, Scotty Ferrall, the goth kid from Corronation Street or Huckapoo…in which case,s y’all kind of suck (sorry).

  4. I like Deadspin and Mr. Leitch. Thank you.

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