For Your Sake, I Hope You Ignored Phil Mushnick’s Stone Cold Lock Of The Week

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What are the chances that someone, despite the fact that they’re playing in the Super Bowl, will draw a 15-yarder for excessive self-enthusiasm or machismo, a dead-ball personal foul? Pretty good, right? How sick is that?Phil Mushnick, New York Post, February 3, 2008.

There were a combined 9 penalties in SB XLII for a total of 91 yards. None of ’em were for excessive celebration (I’ve checked the NFL rule book and believe it or not, there’s no mention of “machismo” or dead ball personal fouls.

Not only does Mushnick have some crazy notions about race (not unlike a certain best-selling author), he’s pretty shitty with the gambling advice, too.

4 responses to “For Your Sake, I Hope You Ignored Phil Mushnick’s Stone Cold Lock Of The Week”

  1. Ward York says:

    1) Phil should’ve had an intern and/or someone with a pulse tell him that Jeremy Shockey (the king of such mid-field machismo) was sitting up in a box looking for Paris Hilton, and that neither team was employing a Gramatica brother.

    2) “How sick is that?” Did Phil just watch Season 2 of Seinfeld?

  2. Ward York says:

    Also, since this is a Super Bowl stone-busting post, I’d like to thank AOL Fanhouse King Of The Obvious Michael David Smith for pointing out that, yes, a commercial featuring bamboo-chomping pandas with accents that would be too much for a Charlie Chan flick is beyond the pale while giving said company the free press such LCD-baiting was aiming for.

  3. JW Stringer says:

    Phil may have been off track, but it appears there were plenty that were able to cash in this weekend.


    “The big underdog payoff for the Giants money-line backers meant a huge loss for Vegas,” R.J. Bell of Pregame.com said.

    “Some reports had over 90% of the money-line bets backing the Giants.”

  4. andrew says:

    Jeez, give Phil a break- you try writing a column while downloading child porn and scratching your beard and see how much creativity you have left.

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