Forget About Pujols…

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…this schmuck just save the Cardinals’ season. Thanks to Scott Spiezio’s 3 run triple to right with 2 out in the last of the 8th, St. Louis have clinched at least a tie for the NL Central. Houston’s remaining hopes rest on a win tonight over the Braves (recent Round Rock alumnus Chris Sampson taking the mound for the Astros), another victory on Sunday, coupled with Cards losses on Sunday and yet another in a make-up game against San Francisco Monday afternoon, thus requiring a one game playoff to decide the Division championship on Tuesday.

With the Reds’ elimination today, Death Wish has nothing to pitch for tonight. Other than pride and the respect of the Gallagher Brothers, of course.

The SF Chronicle’s Henry Schulman reports that Lou Piniella is interested in the Giants gig, when (not if) Felipe Alou cleans out his office.  Having spent a healthy chunk of my Saturday hearing Sweet Lou’s observations during Fox’s Brewers/Cards telecast, I am urging, nay, pleading with the Giants, Cubs, Nationals, Marlins, heck, anyone with a managerial vacancy, to make him an offer ASAP.

Randy Wolf got the quick hook in Miami earlier today, the Phillies starter lasting just 11 batters before Charlie Manuel had seen enough.  Philadelphia is up, 4-3 in the top of the 7th, as they attempt to stave off elimination.  They’ll need some help from the Giants, who are currently tied with the Dodgers, 1-1, in the 2nd.

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  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    The Phillies season will last for at least a few more hours thanks to Dolphins Stadiums dimensions. Tom Gordon is toast at this point, can not throw his breaking ball, and if this game was held in any park w/o a 435 foot CF wall, Gordon would have coughed up a season losing jack. I was pretty stoked about the Phils chances if/when the got their foot in the playoff door, but if that should happen, Gordon is very likely to be Mitch Williams take II. I hope that the Phillies can think outside the box and plan for a closer time-share scenario in 2007 where a closer will be groomed to take over for Gordon as soon as he starts to beak down next year.

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