Former Mets Prospect Accused Of Kitty Killing

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Baseball Think Factory’s Repoz links to a NY Sun report concerning Joe Petcka, the Mets’ 30th Round Draft pick in 1989, arrested and charged yesterday with murdering his girlfriend’s cat.

In a fit of anger because his “female acquaintance paid too much attention to the cat,” Joseph Petcka, 36, entered her apartment when she was at work and beat the 9-year-old domestic longhair to death, a spokesman for the ASPCA, Joseph Pentangelo said. The cat’s name was Norman.

Mr. Petcka was charged with aggravated cruelty to an animal, a felony that carries a penalty of up to two years in prison, according to the Manhattan district attorney’s office. Judge Eileen Koretz set bail last night at $2,500, though the prosecutor requested it be set at $20,000. An order of protection was granted for the girlfriend.

“Because the press is involved, the judge set up ridiculous bail,” Mr. Petcka’s attorney, Charles Hochbaum, said as he left the courthouse. “I’ve walked people out who killed people on less bail than this.”

Mr. Petcka had small roles on “Sex and the City” and the 2000 film “What Women Want,” which starred Mel Gibson. Three neighbors of Mr. Petcka yesterday said that he is slated to play a young Tony Soprano in an upcoming episode of “The Sopranos.” An HBO spokeswoman, Nancy Lesser, said she could not confirm this last night.

A necropsy determined that the cat died from multiple blows and likely was “in extreme pain” for up to an estimated 15 minutes, Mr. Pentangelo said. Norman, who weighed less than 8 pounds, suffered a broken leg, three broken ribs, broken teeth, and a lacerated tongue, and blood was found in his stomach and chest, he said.

Though I’ve struggled to find much background information on Petka (above), a review of his performance as Tommy in the Ohio Theatre’s production of John Patrick Shanley’s “The Dreamer Examines His Pillow” can be found here.

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17 responses to “Former Mets Prospect Accused Of Kitty Killing”

  1. cc says:

    I used to date Joe Petcka when he was in the Oakland A’s farm team in Visalia, CA. He was kicked out of the league for steroid use, which I found out later. Apparently, he didn’t stop by the looks of it. I had always wondered what happened to him…I guess now I know. Thanks

  2. Rob says:

    remove my copyrighted picture of these actors from your site immediately.


  3. GC says:


    as you wish. However, you will note that a) I did link to the site from which your photograph was culled and b) you might want to use the word “please” every now and then.

  4. Elaine Miller says:

    This person is not a man,someone who can beat a poor,defenseless animal is nothing but the lowest scum of the Earth! Beat the cat in self-defense,HA!what a shame that he won’t get the punishment he really deserves for what he did!

  5. peggy says:

    What a looser. He’s a waste of skin.

  6. Marina Lynn says:

    I hope Joe Petcka gets it right up the arse in jail, many times, from many inmates.
    What I wouldn’t give for 5 minutes with this looser and my hot curling iron!
    He is a disgusting pig! Shame on any woman who dates this dog in the future!
    Peggy said it right ‘ he’s a waste of skin’!

  7. Marina Lynn says:

    I am so infuriated! What kind of a freak are you Petcka???? You are such an ass!
    Unbelievable! What goes around comes around! I hope you get yours 10 fold!
    Your mother must be ashamed of you, and if she is dead, I am sure she is rolling in her grave! You are as useful as the shit that sticks to the bottom of a shoe! I really hope you choke to death! I hate, hate, hate, people that are cruel to animals! You dumb ass! You need some serious therapy! Perhaps the ideal punishment would be for you to lick out cat litter boxes for the rest of your life! I can’t see that you are good for anything else.

  8. Marina Lynn says:

    Jealous of a kitty? What a man you must be Petcka!!!! NOT!!!! What I wouldn’t give to cuss you out face to face!

  9. Robert says:

    Where does the asshole work in NY? I’ll call PETA and harass the restaurant until they fire the bitch.

  10. Nikki says:

    You people have to be kidding me?!!! Am I the only one who sees this? Everyone gets so upset over a cat being beaten to death. YES, it’s horrible that he did that. No, the cat didn’t deserve that. But you people are so upset about a cat. What about babies and children? I see more people upset about animal then people. Get a life!!! You want him raped in prison? Marina Lynn even mentioned raping him herself. That would get up in prison. It was a cat!! Think about what your saying. When did an animal become worth more then a person?

  11. Britney says:

    nikki, you are unintelligent at best. no one has said that an animal is more important than a person. you are just attempting to be self-righteous. this man beats a cat to death. this is a common symptom of sociopaths and serial killers. what is next? him beating an infant because its mother spends too much time with it and not enough time with him?

  12. Melissa says:

    Nikki u are fucking pathetic 1st of all, let’s get that out there. Animals are innocent, they need us to feed them and take care of them in every way. A human being that needs to abuse an animal in ANY way, never mind killing them, DOES deserve a nice ass raping in prison as Marina ever so kindly put it. Then he fucking deserves to be shot. I’d love 5 minutes alone with him so i could repeatedly kick him in his teeth and balls so his pitiful body fills up with blood like that poor 8 pound cat. AN 8 FUCKING POUND CAT!!!! Joseph Petcka u must feel like such a fucking man. Nikki to answer your question about when animals became more important than people???? THE VERY SECOND THIS SICK FUCKING HUMAN RACE BEGAN TO EXIST BITCH!

  13. Nikki says:

    You guys talk about me being unintelligent but look at your language. You can’t have a conversation without using foul language. That shows a lot of intelligents. Your right that it shows the ablility to hurt a child if he could kill a cat like that. I still do not believe it is something that means anyone should wish him harm. It’s something that shows he needs to be locked up. If it had been a person, I would be all for him getting “what he deserves”. As for attempting to be self rightous, I’m not. I’m just curious where you all are when a child is killed. I see more people upset over animal abuse then child abuse. Maybe everyone is just as outraged over children but they are more vocal over the abuse of animals.

  14. Neuted the bastard-He`s sick-Next will be the girlfriend-what if a child bit him? would he do the same thing-probably yes.

  15. Gena says:

    I just saw an update to this story. People need to look at how humans treat animals. There is a link between animal abuse and domestic (human) abuse. Do research on serial murderers and child abuse. I have no clue why Nikki decided to assume that because someone is outraged over the killing of an innocent animal they have no compassion for children. Where did that come from? Anyone that abuses or kills a child or an animal deserves to be punished!!! To say it is just a cat means you do not value LIFE. This guy started with abusing/killing an animal. He needs to be held responsible for his actions.
    Who will be the VOICE for the VOICELESS?

  16. sharona says:

    Soooo,here it is oct.2 08 what happened to this jerk? After reading all these comments,and now we all know what he looks like,sure hope hes looking over his shoulder cos sooner or later hes gonna get what he did to that cat,

  17. Nikki says:

    I do agree he should be punished and I know that abusing animals is one of the signs that someone has mental problems. I do not believe that he should be raped with a curling iron, or nuetered or a lot of the other things that some have mentioned. I do believe he should be punished and have a mental evaluation. If he really did do it because he was jealous, I believe every woman should be on the look out for him. I understand that some people look at their pets as their “children”, however, the aren’t children. I do agree with all of you that he should be held responsible for what he did, just not to the extreme that some of you seem to.

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