Former Rangers Owner Masters Color Commentating

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So who are we Phillies and Mets fans supposed to pull for on Opening Night? The Braves currently trail the Nationals 2-1 in the middle of the fourth at D.C.’s brand new ballpark, where the guy who threw out the first pitch just stopped by the TV booth.

Jon Miller: Chipper Jones whacks one, deep left…

George W. Bush: …looks like he may have the first home run in this ballpark…

Miller: As called by President George W. Bush.

Bush: It is… first home run… that thing was a rope…. He blasted that thing didn’t he? Here it is. Yeah.

Joe Morgan: Pretty much down the middle.

Bush: Yeah. Down the middle.

4 responses to “Former Rangers Owner Masters Color Commentating”

  1. Dave says:

    If you put George Bush, John Kruk and Steve Phillips on a Baseball Tonight panel, who would be the voice of reason?

  2. Marc says:

    When Bush threw out the first pitch live, there was very obvious boo’ing from the crowd. In particular, it sounded like one mic was right next to a group of boo’ers.

    Then they showed the replay 30 minutes later, as Bush was sitting in the press box, and the boos were barely noticeable.

    Some crafty editing/production work!

    And did Bush make up some word when asked to stay in the press box another half inning? Abso-something? I don’t have a DVR, so I couldn’t be sure if my ears heard him contracting “absolutely” and some other word into a new word.

    The fawning over Bush by Morgan and Miller was classic. As was Morgan repeatedly calling the National League the American League earlier in the broadcast and confusing the hell out of himself. I almost had to rip my ears off before the end of the first inning. Thank god the baseball season has begun!

  3. David Roth says:

    Fuck Kruk, marry Phillips, kill Dubya. Wait, what was the question?

  4. Rog says:

    Two words: SAP button.

    You’ll have to get used to calling a homerun a ‘quadrangular’ but it rolls off the tounge in no time. Seriously, I’ve had it. If ESPN can’t do any better than Morgan, Phillips or the Kruk Monster as color ‘analysts’ then I refuse to listen to the feed. Sometimes I hit the mute button if I’m particularly annoyed. Forget water boarding, if they want to torture the folks at camp x-ray they should send Steve Phillips down to Guantanamo and have him overexlpain every damned play. Someone forward this thread to ESPN. It’s not funny or amusing anymore. Bring back Harold Reynolds.

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