Former Sportsblogger Makes Good : Bob Nastanovich > Jim Gray

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Though it’s a been a while since Bob’s Lonely On The Rail blog was active, the above clip — shot at the National Handicapping Championship — shows the Daily Racing Form correspondent in fine form.  I hope Chris Cotter is taking notes somewhere — this is how you conduct a proper, dignified interview (video link courtesy Robby Morris, taken from David Berman’s Menthol Mountains)

4 responses to “Former Sportsblogger Makes Good : Bob Nastanovich > Jim Gray”

  1. MarcAtDRF says:

    the link to Bob’s coverage, above, is no good. here’s the right link:


  2. GC says:

    thanks, Marc, but all of the links I supplied worked just fine. I linked to event cited, and I linked to the blog where this video was culled from. At no point did I link specifically to Bob’s coverage other than supplying the embedded video clip (which looks just fine).

  3. MarcAtDRF says:


    The link you provided is to coverage of the event was from Jan of 2010, which Bob had no association with then, rather than the Jan 2011 event that he covered.


    I guess I assumed that people might be interested in seeing Bob be Bob at the event he was at, as opposed to no Bob and coverage from an event that took place over a year ago.

    Meanwhile, the video playlist (comes up after the video clip) was screwed up by DRF, initially, but has been fixed to give those interested in seeing Bob do his thing links to the footage, right from the player.

  4. GC says:

    Thanks, Marc. Points well taken. An initial search for “National Handicapping Championship” pulled up DRF’s 2010 coverage, however, that’s not a very good excuse.

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