Fort Worth, TX : The New Home Of J.R. Rider?

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If you saw a flyer as well designed as this, exactly how many world-class ballers do you think would emerge from the woodwork looking for an ABA tryout? I’m gonna guess the numbers were rather low (did Mark Aguire call?) but hopefully former NBA vet / Slam Dunk champ  Isaiah “J.R.” Rider was eligible for the $100 discounted rate rather than the $120 fee.  The North Texas Fresh of the American Basketball Association claim they’re on the brink of signing Rider, though agent Joe Lee warns, “he can’t do the in – between the legs anymore but he can do everything else.”

Nothing has been set in stone yet, but conversation between both parties, ceo/Owner Jay Bowdy and Lee, look to be something greatly appreciative for both ends; and of course the North Texas Fresh fans.  “We are making moves necessary to better our franchise.  Rider is someone who I feel I can trust to bring in and make a positive impact for these players and the organization with his experience, knowledge, and understanding of the Professional level of basketball,” stated Jay Bowdy.  “Hopefully we can come to a mutual agreement on things and add something great to our phenomenal training camp roster that we have already.”

(press release link culled from Dime’s Aron Philips)

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  1. dmac says:

    I don’t know what’s better, that flier or the team’s logo.

    Okay, it’s the flier. I can’t stop laughing at it. People who tried out got a t-shirt *and* lunch! And it’s quite a deal for only a hundred bucks; there was a youth soccer team when I was a kid in Northeast Philly that cost $500 to try out for. Not sure if J.R. Rider tried out for them.

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