Francesca : Ryan Church Is A Liar

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While Mets-related rumblings from the GM meetings in Dana Point, CA include alleged interest in Derek Lowe, Brian Fuentes and The World’s Scrappiest Human, a mainstay from the 2008 Not-So-Amazins finds himself in a war of words with WFAN’s Mike Francesca.

Denying a Francesca claim that Ryan Church “hated it here”, the oft-concussed rightfielder told MLB.com’s Marty Noble, “I say just [to] consider the source. I never said anything like that, never thought anything like that.”  As you might expect, the host of “Mike’d Up” took offense, and Newsday’s Jim Baumbach was listening intently :

œI have no issue with Church. He has denied what I said. I™ll say this, I know the guys who have listened to Church come out and sit on the bench and listen to Church moan and groan about this team and the clubhouse and the music in the clubhouse¦ OK, he keeps denying it. If he needs me to prove who said it I will. Because I don™t care enough about the Mets to make this stuff up about them. Why would I bother? I don™t care, to make this stuff up¦

œIf I say something its because someone I trust told me something¦ If he can™t face the music that™s Church™s problem¦ He™s not telling the truth.

Who’d have thought that Francesca had a pal inside Shea feeding him information?   Just a hunch, but I bet it’s not Carlos Beltran.

5 responses to “Francesca : Ryan Church Is A Liar”

  1. Adam says:

    Of course Francesa made it up! His job is to make waves with fans…especially Mets fans. He made it up because that’s what he does.He cares because sensationalized journalism is his schtick! That’s why he bothers with the Mets.I’d love to see who his “source is”…

  2. Greg D. says:

    I can bet $20 it’s not David Wright either.

  3. fuck palin says:

    Francesa is a fucking clown if he made this up. First of all who cares? Church isnt that good. The Mets always are terrible. Mike would admit it if he made it up.

  4. Rog says:

    Why doesn’t Francesca change the name of the show to “F’d Up” ?

  5. PB says:

    Who would have thought the drive time shift on WFAN actually would have become more irritating minus Chris Russo?

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