Franco Harris’ Super Bowl Of Fantastic Home Furnishing

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Former Steelers RB Franco Harris, perhaps thinking of those unlucky enough to miss the Derrick Coleman estate sale, has unveiled his “Immaculate Collection”, much to the delight of Brand Freak‘s Kenneth Hein.

The first piece is a “generously proportioned” chair conceived by Helen Hoey, who partnered with national lifestyle designer Barclay Butera. There will only be 500 chairs made, and they are numbered and autographed by both Harris and Hoey. Thus, Harris will achieve every football player’s other dream”of having his autograph next to that of someone who’s also famous for luxury linens.

3 responses to “Franco Harris’ Super Bowl Of Fantastic Home Furnishing”

  1. Jimmy Qualls says:

    Why did you post a photo of Gabe Kaplan instead of Franco Harris? Up your nose with a rubber hose, GC.

  2. marcy says:

    hey i think its great franco- you go my man-dont let all these haters put you down- now who is the rich one-thats right franco is the man-you buy and make whatever your handsome brain wants-make it all but it all and laugh all the way to the bank.

  3. Mark says:

    That is one ugly chair – all of the rivets remind me of the jeans I wore in the 70’s. It looks like the letter “H” for Pete’s sake. Who is Helen Hoye and why would someone pay for her signature? Franco – where should I send my $1 to help you out a little?

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