Fred & Jeff Swindled, Schoeneweis Swapped

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As if Mets fans haven’t been blessed with enough terrific news this week, Friday evening provided a pair of additional stories that can be described as addition-by-subtraction and subtraction-via-theft.

Charitably described by Newsday’s David Lennon as the “unpopular lefty”, reliever Scott Schoeneweis was traded to Arizona in exchange for righty Connor Robertson. with the Mets agreeing to assume much of Schoeneweis’ remaining salary.   Making said payments should be slightly more difficult in light of Fred and Jeff Wilpon being amongst those defrauded by former NASDAQ chairman turned Ponzi schemester Bernie Madoff (thanks to Ira and David for the NY Times link).  There are no details thus far about how much the Wilpons lost, but expect their businesses (aside from, y’know, the baseball team) to prepare for a new era of austerity ;   I have it good authority Chris Cotter is about to be presented with a $4000.00 invoice for hair care products.

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  1. David Roth says:

    And so ends the golden era of Jewish Mets. Given the production offered by said fellow landtsmen, though, it’s hard to miss Shawn Green, Schoeneweis, Robinson Cancel (Jewish on the low) or Jews-for-Jesus bummer David Newhan. Still, it’d be nice to see the Wilps reach out to someone in the semitic hardball scene. Maybe appoint Ryan Church head of the search committee? I’m just spitballing here.

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