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Tony Jackson of the LA Daily News was just on Boston’s WEEI and stated (take this for what it is worth) that the chances of Theo Epstein being named the new LA GM by the end of the week were better than 50/50.

Presumably, Epstein would not be Tommy Lasorda’s first, second or third choice. Given everything we’ve seen going down in Chavez Ravine over the past year, it is equally hard to understand why said position would appeal to Epstein.

Having no inside information of my own, I can only wonder why it is so hard to believe that Epstein might in fact, spend 12 months or more outside of baseball. Is it also completely impossible to envision a scenario in which Epstein returns to Fenway?

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  1. ben schwartz says:

    Just asking, with nothing to back it up, but the McCourts are from Boston. Would that in any way entice Theo here?


  2. CSTB says:

    I’m not sure what that would mean in and of itself. I mean, lots of people have passed through Brookline over the years. If issues of respect, autonomy, integrity, etc. are part of what made Theo bail on Boston, I’m not sure what part of the way McCourt has treated his employees makes this an attractive position.

    The Hersheiser/Valentine tandem (with Lasorda having engineered the coup) feels like a very real possibility, though unlike some of our talk radio pals, I fully admit that I’m just guessing.

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