Full Credit To Brett Lawrie…

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somebody had to make David Wright look composed by comparison last night. And not to condone helmet (or beer) tossing, but those who didn’t catch last night’s Tampa/Toronto tilt are well advised to check out Blue Jay Hunter’s Zapruder-esque analysis of the two called strikes that caused Lawrie to (literally) flip his lid. Lawrie’s meltdown makes for a fun late-night clip, but as BJH puts it, “Lawrie will have consequences for his actions, and (home plate umpire) Bill Miller will not … or at least, we’ll never hear about it.”

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  1. glenzo says:

    Lawrie got off light at 4 games and is showing remarkable chutzpah in appealing, suckiness of the calls notwithstanding (see Brett, George- Pine Tar Incident)

  2. Ian says:

    Thanks for the link, guys! I’d say four games is pretty light … it could’ve been much worse if that helmet bounced up and caught Bill Miller in the face.

    I guess Brett will probably be taking it pretty easy the next few days on the Red Bull.

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