Furcal’s Agent Pitching To Mets

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From the NY Daily News’ Adam Rubin.

Rafael Furcal, a rifle-armed shortstop who filed for free agency yesterday, would be willing to play second base in Flushing, his agent, Paul Kinze, said yesterday. The Atlanta-based Kinzer said Furcal’s preference is to remain a shortstop, but said about the Mets: “I think they’ll be a player. … He would be willing to explore it.”

The Mets are expected to pursue Furcal and other second-base options, despite Kaz Matsui having one year and $8 million remaining on his contract and rookie Anderson Hernandez going 11-for-24 with seven RBI so far in winter ball.

Unlike Matsui, a natural shortstop who joined the Mets with little experience elsewhere in the infield, Furcal is comfortable at second base. Kinzer estimated Furcal has played the position at least five years in winter ball in order to allow mentor Neifi Perez – another free agent this winter – to play shortstop with the Dominican club Escogido.

5 responses to “Furcal’s Agent Pitching To Mets”

  1. Alex Bruce says:

    Bullshit…Furcal will not be playing 2nd base next season for anyone. He is a better SS than Jose “I can’t take a pitch” Reyes. Out.

  2. David R. says:

    The Mets should save any prospective Furcal funds for a bullpen upgrade, a run @ Konerko, a multi-year deal for Ice Williams, or the Fran Healy hit.

  3. CSTB says:

    that’s not fair, Alex. Jose _can_ take a pitch.

    He can’t take four, however.

  4. David Roth says:

    Furcal is nothing more than a more talented, more productive Wilson Delgado. By which I mean that I do not like his stupid wizened Atlanta Braves face.

    I like the idea of the Mets going with a young infield (Anderson Hernandez, Jeff Keppinger or Matsui at second base won’t make too terribly much difference in the end, I don’t think) and spending their dough on Trevor Hoffman. Or, failing that, dealing for Alfonso Soriano. Or, failing that, not overpaying for a free agent for once and letting their productive young core develop. If Hernandez can be a good major leaguer, that’s great. And while Mike Jacobs may never be Paul Konerko, he’s pretty much a lock to be their most productive power-hitting first baseman in a decade, based on his first trip through the league last season. He may be on the Kevin Maas career track, I don’t know. I just know that an offseason without poaching a bunch of ex-Braves and ex-Yanks would be just fine with me.

  5. Alex Bruce says:

    thank-you for the Kevin Maas reference. it never gets old.

    Mike Jacobs I believe will be a very solid major league hitter and will be much cheaper than Paul Konerko. The Mets have bigger problems than just 1B or signing another MI. Wright, Beltran, Jacobs, Floyd, Reyes will be able to put up some legit #’s next season.

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