Garvey’s Grass-Roots Supporters Refuse To Take A Holiday

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While most of you selfish motherfuckers were asleep early Sunday morning, visions of Xbox 360’s, diamond-encrusted underpants and other dubious material goods dancing your heads, other persons were showing their devotion to a great American sporting idol.

Steve Garvey (above, right) was,is and always will be Mr.Dodger.Yes he is a roll model just like Tommy said. He liked sex ,tell me someone that doesn’t. He didn’t do drugs or steroids. He was and still is mr. clean.
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  1. ben schwartz says:

    Wow — only one day of holiday cheer and peace before CSTB digs up a completely gratuitous jab at Steve Garvey? No way — I’m going to use this post to say Happy Holidays! to everyone, esp. Steve Garvey, and keep the seasonal vibe going. And why the jibe at Xbox fans? Did someone not get the pony they asked for? I refuse to go into New Year’s with a bummed out cheer — I will even use this space to extend the holiday olive branch to the Tribune Corporation for at least making an off-season effort this year. Then again, speaking of gratuitous, there was that front page LA TIMES photo of Brad Renfro getting busted downtown buying heroin on skid row, another classy example of Trib management in action … ok, so fuck them, but nobody else for a couple of hours.


  2. CSTB says:

    actually, someone didn’t get the horse they asked for. But enough about Brad Renfro.

    seriously Ben, I’m just pointing out that during a time in which most people are fixated on their personal pleasures and creature comforts, there are other people — like Tommy Lasorda lobbying over the holidays on behalf of Steve Garvey.

    In the interests of being fair during this time of year, I will celebrate the 2nd night of Hanukkah with the following

    “Q : He liked sex. Tell me someone who doesn’t. ”

    A: Anyone that’s been on a date with Marvin Hamlisch.

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