Gators : Godly Tebow Wants No Part Of Your (Burning) Bush League Promotion

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It’s sometimes hard to figure out where the blurry lines between public service, celebrity and commerce can and cannot cross, so please, consider this a tutorial.  Florida QB / reigning Heisman winner Tim Tebow can enhance his reputation (and future earning power) with acts of missionary goodness ;  if a Florida State League ballclub wishes to sell an extra few dozen tickets while giggling at the Christ-like signal caller, that’s a big no-no.   From The Palm Beach Post’s Tim Volin :

The Fort Myers Miracle of the Florida State League tried to hold a œWhat would Tim Tebow do? promotion at the ballpark last night against the St. Lucie Mets, poking a little fun at the whole Tebow phenomenon. Fans were going to be given promise rings, the first pitch was supposed to be a jump pass and a local man named Tim Tebo was going to walk on water, among other gags.

Except the Gators quickly jumped in and nixed the idea. According to the Fort Myers News-Press, Florida compliance director Jamie McCloskey sent the Miracle a cease and desist letter yesterday morning demanding that the Miracle remove any and all references to Tebow from their promotion.

Instead, the promotion was changed to œWhat would T.T. do? and fans that showed up in Gator gear were still entered into a drawing to win four tickets to the Florida-Arkansas game in October. Sadly, Tebo never showed up to perform his miracle.

On the contrary, Mr. Volin, simply by remaining a virgin on the campus of a large public university, I’d argue Tebow is performing a miracle every single day.

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  1. Larana says:

    My name’s Larana, and I’m 16.

    I don’t know what you think makes you qualified to tear down someone’s religion and beliefs. Tim Tebow is an excellent role model for millions of teenagers and the youth of America. All that man does is spread his faith and beliefs to the community and he stands up for what he thinks is right. I think that it is pathetic to try and deminish his image by these ridiculous and innapropriate comments regarding him. Do you honestly have nothing better to do with you time than to write cheap and petty blog about a well known athlete, who is doing something respectable and admiral with his publicity. You should be ashamed of yourself for attempting to discredit Tim Tebows beliefs and reputation.

    For the record, I am not a Football fan, or a Florida Gator fan.
    I am a Tebow Fan.

  2. GC says:

    Dear Larana,

    which of the above comments regarding Mr. Tebow are ridiculous and inappropriate? In answer to your question, yes, I do have something better to do with my time than write cheap and petty material about well known athletes. You’ve obviously not read any of the cheap and petty CSTB entries about musicians, actors, politicians or journalists.

    Mr. Tebow is a public figure and if he’s willing to accept the vast publicity that accompanies his gridiron exploits (and charitable endeavors), he should also expect to made fun of on occasion, too. I find nothing cruel or slanderous about the above post or the minor league baseball promotion that inspired it.

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