Gawker Media Encroaches On CSTB Turf

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Somehow, I knew the gloves would come off the minute I took that pic of Pat O’Brien at the Weenie Roast.

But seriously, the more the merrier. And what could be more endearing than this :

The way this works, of course, is through tips, your tips, and we need them. Our line is always open at [email protected] See an athlete down at the strip club, tipping poorly? Email us. See an ESPN anchor accidentally denigrate an entire ethnicity on live television? Email us. Serving as mistress for that high-profile family-values quarterback? Email us, email us, email us. We™re nothing without you.

Well, so much for all the great submissions CSTB has received over the past two fucking years. It was fun while it lasted. I do suspect Deadspin will need all the tips they can get. This story was already beaten to death on Tony Kornheiser’s radio show yesterday morning.

2 responses to “Gawker Media Encroaches On CSTB Turf”

  1. jennifer says:

    don’t worry gerard, i’ll dig up some nice unfounded gossip just for you.

  2. CSTB says:

    Thanks, Jennifer. I really appreciate it. And I hope you know that when I swipe your ideas and claim traffic that would otherwise be yours, at least I won’t be getting paid for it.

    That’s Soft Hands, everybody! Incredibly, not owned by Gawker Media.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to bring several dozen boxes worth of CSTB t–shirts, mouse pads and coffee mugs to the recycling center, but not before I cancel our hosting contract and unplug the satellite. Like I said, it’s been fun, but you don’t wanna fuck with these Gawker people. I used to check out Baseball Musings 5, 6, 7 times a day. But that was before Fleshbot launched. See what I mean?

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