Gawker : Now Treating Dogs Worse Than Natasha Lyonne

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“Hamilton Nolan” (if that is your real name), I sincerely hope your elderly years are marked by severe arthritis — preferably in your fucking hands so future generations are spared your retarded brand of observational humor.  I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of the product in question…but “the best part is the falling dogs”?

What kind of jaded piece of shit thinks there’s something funny about a dog that can no longer fend for itself? Can someone please post a YouTube clip of this guy being kneecapped?

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  1. David Nolan says:

    I’m pretty sure “Hamilton Nolan” is a pseudonym for a scroungy PR guy named Ron Torossian, as you will see if you go to http://www.hamiltonnolan.com . It bugs me that he had to choose my same last name! I love dogs.

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