GEEKS BEWARE – Chet Coppock Channels His Inner Freddie Blassie

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….and if this clip is anything to go by, longtime Chicago sports TV fixture Coppock might be emulating some of the former Hollywood Fashion Plate’s more glittery ensembles.  Coppock, whose most recent appearances in this space included a) a rather disturbing story regarding his mother and Mickey Mantle, b) asking yours truly outside (in so many words), surely deserves some recognition for being the only man in American who thinks it’s acceptable to wear a purple tie on a purple shirt comes to the defense of Ken Harrelson.

One response to “GEEKS BEWARE – Chet Coppock Channels His Inner Freddie Blassie”

  1. chet coppock says:

    I’m very flattered…. I loved “classy” Fredddie Blassie. keep on rockin’ fella…..don’t ya love purple on purple…..

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