Glog, Glog, Who’s There? : CSTB Vs. The Modern Slambook

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Short of Jackie Christie marrying Ted Nation, I’m not sure there could be bigger (or more insular) news this afternoon than an for-real-link from Deadspin acknowledging yesterday’s critique of Sportsline’s hapless Gregg Doyel (above). While the resulting observations from The McDonald’s Of Sports Sites’ loyal readers are as typically reasoned and challenging as you’d expect, though there are a handful of points I’d like to touch upon :

1) It’s totally awesome that I get so many props for my day job. Irrelevent, too, but in 10 years time when I’m either selling blood or time shares, at least I can look back fondly on the era in which persons I never met managed to drop a lot of band names. I’m nostalgic for it already, and the day isn’t over yet.

2) Mr. Spectator — at no time have I ever claimed that Will Leitch “ripped off” my (?) idea for a “snarky sports blog.” He might’ve copped something from these guys (amongst others), but if they don’t care, I don’t suppose I should, either. But the jumping-the-snark thing, you’ll have to fill me in on, ’cause I’m all about sincerity. I own the entire True Believers back catalog, as it turns out.

3) What does it say about the state of the universe that I referred to Deadspin’s commentators as “acolytes” and somebody comes back with a Ron Simmons reference? Other than, y’know, it’s time to reintroduce conscription.

5 responses to “Glog, Glog, Who’s There? : CSTB Vs. The Modern Slambook”

  1. howard in nyc says:

    i am a regular on the discussion board over at the sportsfrog. i don’t think those guys mind. to be sure, i will ask them.

    —another random person you’ve never met

  2. GC says:

    I would suspect they’re above that kind of thing. To their credit.

    I love random people I’ve never met. It’s those I have that drive me fuckin’ nuts.

  3. Seitz says:

    I cut Will some slack because he’s a fellow Illini, and I kind of like the stuff he did over at Ironminds. But I suppose there’s no accounting for taste.

    I didn’t know you were the Matador guy, though. That’s fucking awesome.

  4. GC says:

    S –

    let’s try to keep it down on the ‘m’ word. For one thing, there’s more than matador guy (and my partner sensibly leaves his blogging skills to the important matters of the day)

    for another, most folks doing this bloggity blog stuff have at least one or two other gigs. Either people like what I’m doing here or they don’t — my professional life shouldn’t earn me any credit either way (though i realize you weren’t suggesting anything of the sort)

  5. Seitz says:

    Point taken.

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