Grating Minds Think Alike : Cowherd, Brick On Taylor’s Death

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What were the odds that a pair of sophisticated, erudite social commentators like Fox Sports Radio’s J.T. The Brick (above) and ESPN’s Colin Cowherd would have virtually the exact same thing to say, particularly when it involved their own questionable judgement?

Both radio hosts took yesterday’s comments by Arizona CB Antrel Rolle that his childhood pal, the late Sean Taylor had “been targeted for years” as validation they were justified in openly speculating about the nature of Taylor’s killing.

“Who you gonna believe?” bellowed The Brick, “the Miami chief of police or the guy’s buddy?”, forgetting of course, that said buddy was in Tempe at the time of the killing and has no more firsthand knowledge of the crime than you or I.

“I’ve always said that reasonable people can reach a conclusion before all the facts are in” huffed Cowherd earlier today, before using Rolle’s remarks as a way of patting himself on the back.

“It wasn’t an accident!” proclaimed Cowherd, who perhaps has difficulty distinguishing between a home invasion (rarely accidental) and something more circumstantial.

“This is talk radio,” explained the Brick’s colleague, Tom Looney last night. “We can’t wait ’till all the facts are in. We have to speculate.”

Given the very deep backgrounds all of these men have in criminal investigation, I’m sure their listeners cannot thank them enough.

One response to “Grating Minds Think Alike : Cowherd, Brick On Taylor’s Death”

  1. R.S. says:

    A guy like JT the Brick spends too much of his time shouting down callers to prove that he’s right, I wasn’t surprised that his flunky Looney would say something moronic like “We have to speculate.”

    Speculate what, Tom? Would you rather have the story right when you do your updates, or keep ad-libbing dumb stupid stuff to your updates every night and think people like cute crap like that?

    One of these day, Cowherd is going to mess around and get fired for saying something real messed up. Either that, or he needs to harass a female employee in Bristol for that to happen.

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