Greg Lloyd Jr.’s Letter Of Intent (To Stay Away From Greg Sr.)

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Sobering stuff today from the Hartford Courant’s Shawn Courche, and slightly shocking as well. Who knew UConn played football? (thanks to Ryan Brown for the link)

Greg Lloyd Jr. will sign a letter of intent today to play football at the University of Connecticut.

He’s one of 29 players expected to sign, but he’s the only one with a former NFL All-Pro linebacker for a father.

And while today is a joyous day, Saturday is a worrisome day.

He will turn 18, and a protective order issued by a Georgia court banning his father from having contact with him will run out.

And that is unsettling to his mother.

“I can’t protect him anymore,” Rhonda Lloyd said. “That’s a scary thought for me.”

She says it’s scary because Greg Lloyd’s father (above) was accused of sticking a gun in his son’s mouth in 2001. Two trials in 2004 ended in hung juries and a third was not pursued.

Scary because Rhonda Lloyd’s former husband was accused, and pleaded no contest in 2004, to simple battery for pointing a gun at his estranged wife’s head in 2002.

Scary because of what Rhonda and Greg Jr. say they and a younger brother and sister went through living with Greg Lloyd Sr., a five-time Pro Bowl linebacker with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1990s.

He has not spoken to his father since 2002 and says he has no relationship with the man. According to press accounts of his testimony at the first trial, Greg Jr. said his father put the barrel of a Glock semiautomatic pistol in his mouth because he allegedly was upset about his 12-year-old son’s grades in school.

“He was like, `You’re wasting your life away and if you want to ruin it, I can end it for you right now,” Greg Jr. said at the trial.

Greg Lloyd Sr. testified at the first trial in Fayetteville, Ga., and denied the story. He did not testify at the second trial. At the time, his lawyer, Ricky Morris, said that “Greg maintains that this is basically Rhonda Lloyd’s attempt to get an upper hand in the divorce.”

Several attempts to reach Greg Sr. were unsuccessful, but Joaquin Bonilla, who co-owns two Oh Do Kwan martial arts studios in Georgia with Lloyd, says he sees another side of the former NFL player. A black belt in tae kwon do, Lloyd is listed as an instructor on the school’s website

“He’s a great role model to all the kids here,” Bonilla said. “A lot of the allegations were fabricated. They tried him twice, and they never found him guilty. He’s a good man. … The things that went on didn’t make any sense. You wouldn’t believe how badly he wants to reconnect with those kids. His wife won’t give him a chance. All this was so she could get what she wanted. She was making Greg out to be O.J. Simpson, and he’s not. She’s saying, `He’s dangerous. He’s going to kill us all.’ What she did was a very planned-out strategy.”

Greg Jr. says he thinks his father will attempt to contact him at some point. It’s not something he wants.

“If he said he wanted to try again, I would say no,” said Greg Jr., a 6-foot-2, 209-pound linebacker. “It’s too late for that.”

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  1. Greg LLoyd Sr. says:

    This is really a sad article as I sit and read it at my computer. First of all I want to say I wish my son well @ the university of connecticut. It is awfully strange that a son who hates his dad wants to play the same position as his dad. I hold no ill feelings towars him because he has and always will be influenced by his mother and that word I use very loosely. It was a very messy divorce and I have rarely seen a divorce of such where the man is the bad guy. I played 12 years in the nfl and was married to that woman for 15 yrs without ever being locked for anything . Mrs. Lloyd-Nelson planned everything that took place all the way down to stealing almost 250k ffrom our accounts to moving out of my hosue into another man’s house then consorting with an attorney toi come back to my house so she could establish she lived there to only after less than a month accuse me of pointing a gun at her in which I did not but don’t think I would have too.All I want is to be able to see my children which I haven’t seen snce 2003 and let them know that I love them and miss them and ahve been trying to go through all the legal loop holes that she has put me through to seem. Now that is the truth and you got it from a man who does not need to be validated by anyone exept his wife and kids.

  2. Mrs.Stephanie Lloyd says:

    To whom it may concern, My Husband is a man of God. Anyone who knows the Bible knows that things and situations can and will be used to there own advantage.The situation with Greg Lloyd’s ex wife is no different. This is an Evil woman. Anyone who knows this woman will agree. Rhonda is a disgrace to women. She is the type of woman that wil ruin everyone around her to satisfy her own selfish needs.To slander my Husband’s name and try to take as much as you can from a Man who made his own way in life is awful. EVERY THING that this woman has Greg LLoyd has given to her. ” Rhonda how can you sleep at night?” Mrs. Stephanie Lloyd

  3. This is truly unbelievable. I grew up as a kid watching Greg play every Sunday. He was my favorite player on and off the field for the Steelers. After a conversation the other night with one of my friends, the question came up- What ever happened to Greg Lloyd? Both of us are huge Steeler fans but could not come up with an answer. I google searched his name online and have read several articles tonight. I don’t ever remember hearing these accusations in the news. It’s funny how superstars actually go through real life situations. It’s also funny how I grew up idolizing Greg, however his own family seemed to turn their shoulders to him. Even the last article I read bothered me a bit. It said that Greg has no interest in football anymore,doesn’t like to talk about it, doesn’t watch games, etc. I understand that the NFL is a business and uses it’s players just as much as the players use the system. However, for such a standout player that Greg was I still can’t believe that HE has no interest in the game anymore. I was a standout athlete myself in high school, however my body didn’t hold up to make it to the next level. I think it’s every athletes’ dream to play professionally in whatever sport they might pursue. Once you get there, you should never let it go. Obviously you can’t play forever but you should realize that you were blessed. You are living the life that a lot of kids dream about growing up. Greg I read that you played simply because you were good at football. What about the love of the game? How about all the game has given you?

    If you read this- God Bless and I wish you well in your future endeavors. I also hope you can reestablish some kind of communication with your son.

  4. KISHA LLOYD says:


  5. Greg Lloyd Jr. says:

    Mrs. Stephanie can get out of my face with trying to put my mother down. I don’t like that at all nor do i like you one bit, so u can go ahead and shut your mouth. Your the disgrace. To my father…i don’t know what to tell ya. You think it’s strang that i’d play your position? I love football and was obviously raised around it so i’m pretty sure the reason i play that position is because of you. I even play wearing your number, and why do you think that is? Could it be because i idolize you as a football player, because there is no taking away from the fact that you were one of the greats. I’m actually going to get the game NFL 2K8 only because your in it in the group of linebackers called the Assassins. That’s hot to me. Everything you’ve done football wise has made you great in my eyes, but as a person you fall to bottom of the barrel. I’m not gonna sit here and bash you about the person you were and claim not to be cause it’ll just be a waste of my time. I know what you did and so do you so let’s that be the end of it, and whether or not you choose to admit that you did wrong is completely up to you cause at this point and time i’m nowhere close to carrying at all. I’ve having a ball right now and there’s absolutely nothing that can change that, so best of wishes to you and do what you do. I also think that you should be involved in football still in some way…i bet you could end up being a commentator on ESPN or something…i think that would be kind of cool, but your call and obviously not mine. Also congrats to Asia on getting her black belt…saw the clip on YOUTUBE. way to go! Hi to Noah as well. Stephanie, i didn’t really like you when i met you the first time my dad try to pass you off to me as the maid and i really don’t like now for talking trash about the woman whose protected me my whole life, and being the writer that i am i could sit here in study hall and talk trash about you for an hour but that would also be a waste of my time and talent on the likes of you. To my father in regards to what i write about Stephanie…it can’t be helped and im not sorry at all. Nobody talks bad about my mother regardless of who they are and especially not some chick i don’t know, love, or respect.
    Best wishes i guess in what ever you decide to do with your time, hope the kids are doing well in whatever it is that they’ll be doing, and i could care less what Stephanie does with her life

  6. Greg Lloyd Jr. says:

    if you want to contact me i wont bother letting mom know cause im actually interested in what you might come up with to say to me i forget the ending of your email adress though the @ part…i think it was @hotmail.com or maybe it was @msn.com but im not sure, but just put that part up and i remember the rest.

  7. Coolbreeze says:

    I’m a Browns fan. I once lost a bet when my boys lost to the raggedy-ass Steelers. I was forced to wear a Greg Lloyd jersey all day at work. That sucked.

  8. IronCity says:

    I still wear a Greg Lloyd jersey for virtually every Steeler game. He was my favorite. It’s sad to read about his current situation. All the best to Mr. Lloyd and his family. I hope it all turns out okay.

    p.s. I still love that hit on Favre!

  9. CT Steeler Fan says:

    If you all are who you say you are, and this isn’t someone’s sick joke, I can tell you this Jr. I’m a lifelong Steelers fan. I also happen to live in CT and have been following your budding career at UCONN. One time while visiting the ‘Burgh for a game, I had the opportunity to run into your father and your family the following day. You were just a young kid. I can tell you from what I observed that day, your Father loves you very much. Now granted, I wasn’t there when many of the accusations made against Sr. were made. I’m sure mistake where made on both his part and that of your mothers. However, nothing that took place is worth severing that relationship. You and your family need to move forward, leave the past in the past, and work towards rebuilding what’s been damaged. What ever mistake your Dad made, remember, they were still made with your best interest in mind. He may have been overly tough on you, and from the sounds of it, he was, but in the end it was to your benefit. He wanted the best for you and the best out of you. His way, of getting it may have been wrong, but it doesn’t change his intention. That being he loved his son, and wanted the best the world had to offer for him. Forgive, forget, and move on. He’s your Father and he loves you very much….

  10. John Cuschieri says:

    Greg Lloyd was one of the best I ever saw. Truly disciplined on and off the field. To Greg Jr: sometimes father’s make mistakes–sounds like Greg Sr’s wa sout of love and not malice. He didn’t come at you drugged up. He came at you to make something of your life. Did he do it the wrong way? Yes. But he was doing something many men don’t do, and that’s try and be a father. No clue about the rest–that’s your personal business and shouldn’t be aired here. Nevertheless, Greg Jr should have his father back in his life. Make it happen, people. Life is short, and tomorrow isn’t promised. Before people die and leave this world, reconnect. All of you. Peace, John C in the D

  11. Greg Lloyd jr. says:

    Thanx for ur thoughts about having him in my life again but it isn’t at all necessary. I don’t need him. I’ve been without him for many years now and everythings been fine. After going through all of what i have you kind of don’t want any part of that phase of ur life, so im definitely gonna pass on any type of true presonal connection. Your right though life is short, and to that effect i plan on doing the best with it that i can, and the best for me would to have no future affiliation with him. Mistakes were made and i won’t deny that for some of them the best intentions were hidden somewhere in there but dealing with his methods for 13 some odd years has its effects on an individual and definitely makes that person that wronged them the last person on the planet that they want to have a relationship with. Pretty much at this point and time in my life he is truly nothing to me anymore except the reason that im here, he has no effect or say in what i do, so therefore he is but a spectator just like anyone else who is not a member of my immediate family. It’s easy for someone who hasn’t gone through what i’ve gone through to say reconnect and all that but the thruth of the matter is that nothing on this planet could make me do that cause i dont want to, and it didn’t bother me back then, now, and i know it wont bother me in the future. But im glad to see some feedback cause i just happened across this page in study hall yesterday and figured that no one would see what i had written….guess i was mistaken. but now that i know people are reading this i guess ill start checking this site from now on and see if Lloyd Sr. has anything “empowering” or “uplifting” to say about anything.
    Got some work to do though, so im out

  12. Greg Lloyd jr. says:

    Before i go this is for CT fan or whatever. I’ve definitely forgotten (about him in my life) and moved on (leaving him behind) cause i have no room in my life for someone like that. Life goes on but the scars of the past don’t heal so easily, and this is a scar that will take years and years to heal and until they have i have no room for him nor do i wish to make any

  13. Big Joe says:

    Greg Jr.

    Don’t know you, probably never will .. but I will offer you something as a person who chose to leave his father out of his life until I was no longer provided the choice. My dad passed away last year after I shut him out of my life for 12 years over something stupid. Honestly, I can’t even remember the real reason it was so insignificant. Let me tell you man, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish I had those 12 years back to make it right.

    I loved my dad growing up because he worked his ass off to provide the very best for me. The best house, the best schools, the best family, the best clothes, the best vacations, the best stuff ….. you name it, he made sure I had it. I know that he loved me, but somehow … that’s not enough. I now realize that I need him to know I loved him all that time as well. For 12 years I could have enjoyed one of the best friendships a son could ever have …. with his dad. Even if we lived apart it would have been nice to place a daily phone call just to say, “Hey pops, what up?” … or “Did you watch that football game last night?” No, I was a stubborn ass and couldn’t let go of the past.

    Dude, you need to hear me when I say, “let it go” …. obviously, mistakes were made. Nobody is perfect and everybody fights some demons,, but you’ve got to allow your dad the opportunity to right his own ship and salvage some of the family that he created. You are where you are because he provided for you weather you want to acknowledge that or not. .

    Anyhow, just give it some thought man …. you’ve got to trust me when I say the day you open up and allow him back into your life with the intent to sustain a lasting friendship is the day you become a bigger man than you are today.

    You’ll be glad you did.

    Peace …

    Big Joe

  14. Peck says:

    Even though what your father has done in the past was wrong, very wrong, you HAVE to give him another chance. You can start out small and just talk little for a while, but you have to gain your relationship back with him and he should be trying to you as well. As Big Joe said, you’ll be glad you did it. He can relate, I have know idea about your personal life though and wish you the best of luck on whatever you decide.

  15. CT Steeler Fan says:

    Jr, in this life we only get one go around. Make the most of it. That’s the only advice I can give you. Forgive, forget, and move on. He’s your Dad….

  16. Lance says:


    What is done is done. Don’t shut your dad out. I couldn’t imagine my life without my dad and he was pretty tough on me as well. What he did, if he did it was wrong. I’m sure he realizes that. You don’t need to talk to Mrs. Stephanie, but you need to reconcile with your father. I wish you the best of luck next season on UConn and I hope your dad comes and watches you play.

  17. Tony Romo says:

    who is Greg Lloyd?

    UCONN has a football team?

  18. Mitch says:

    My parents split when I was 5. It was ugly. We kids were trapped in the middle of a fight between adults, and the term “collateral damage” has a special meaning to me in this regard. I won’t bother with the details of what happened, but a lot of very wrong things were done for a long time.

    So I hope you can understand that I’m coming from a situation that has a little resemblance to the one you are now in. You can choose whatever you choose, nobody is forcing anything on you that’s for sure!

    However, chances are someday you are going to find someone, settle down, and have kids. Then it *will* be forced on you. Love him or not, like him or not, respect him or not, he’s family.

    You only have two choices when that happens. You can keep it like it is, and your kids will grow up never knowing their grandfather. You can also try to find a middle-ground between the two of you. and open communications with him so you can see if there is some way to regain at least enough to acknowledge his being your father, and therefore family.

    Perhaps now would be a good time to make that decision, before other events in your life force you to make that decision – which of course always comes at the worst possible time.

    Best of luck with your linebacking, would be absolutely comical to have you in the black and gold.

  19. Emma Lloyd says:

    As Greg’s Sr.’s grandmother let me take this opportunity to tell my family how disappointed in all of you i truly am. This family cannot even get together for a g-damn family reunion but we can find time to air our dirty laundry on the internet of america.

    Greg Jr. good luck in college, hopefully your father will get off the roid’s long enough to appreciate his family instead of karate chopping balsa wood with Mr. Miyagi preparing for the All Valley Karate Championship.

  20. Michael Vick says:

    and I thought I had problems. . . .

  21. Gregory Lloyd Jr. says:

    Today i realized that i’ve been acting quite ridiculous about this website thing i found right here. I was actually just surfing the net and typed my name in and came across this site. I find it quite funny that people actually responded to what i wrote but i guess fans of greg lloyd or just listeners/followers of the situation would check this site out. Just got out of practice a little while ago and thought i’d drop into to say that i don’t know why i wasted my time writing on it, i think just seeing Steph try to trash talk my mom set me off. Anyway i don’t think i’ll be posting anything else on this wall, though i really want to just so that i can read other people’s response. I’m acutally trying to convince myself to keep writing not for the sake of telling why i don’t care if i ever reunite with greg but really but merely for the sake of seeign what other people have to say about this situation, but for now i’m quite finished and i’m going to dinner.
    Oh, and HI GRANDMA!!! Love ya and bye

  22. Dirk Diggler says:

    Women can’t raise children without Men, they raise criminals. Sr. must have put the fear of God in that young boy. That is why Jr. is on the right track.

  23. johny says:

    seriously you idiots aren’t kidding anybody…anybody with a life would be doing other things than talking on an online website or whatever. ESPECIALLY greg lloyd sr and jr so you can stop pretending to be either of the gregs because nobody is buying the bs and get a life. Neither of the gregs are low enough to come on here and talk about their personal life especially for the whole world to see…come on get real and get a life

  24. Joey Porter says:

    To Greg Lloyd, Jr.

    Boy! If you don’t give your father a chance, I’m going to bring my posse up there and beat you up myself…….uh, er……I mean, have my posse do it for me!

  25. Pete Nice says:

    You should really give your pops a shot.

    You’ll miss him when he’s gone.
    Trust me.

  26. Horrified says:

    OMG, I am all for forgiveness and loving your family and giving people and second chance.

    A mistake is punishing your son for something he didn’t do or didn’t deserve. But, putting a gun to your son’s head is not a MISTAKE…it’s a crime. What if the freaking gun had gone off?

    Jeez, people.



  28. paul fitzgerald says:

    hey ,greg herd ya doing big things good luck to you and your family hope I see you n the nfl soon oh and hey james and tianna this letter is from lil [pj] paul fitzgerald i hope i see you guys soon

  29. Xaviour says:

    Hello Gregory, I don’ know if you remember me but I am your cousin Xaviour. I would come to visit you all with your aunt Geraldine often. She told me about this conversation on the web. I have always had a strong feeling about family. I don’t want to see you and your dad/family going through what you have and maybe still. You know Gregory, you only have one life and you are entitled to live it in the best way possible. Only you, your mom, Greg and God really knows what happened in your home. I know that Greg loves you and your brothers and sisters, I have witnessed that love. I read your comments and you seem to have your head on straight. I can see the writer in you! I ask that you at least talk with your dad about what happened to so that you can truly move on. I can tell in your writing that you are still not at peace with this situation. You are a young adult now and I think you are mature enough to guide a civil conversation with him. You know Gregory, there is a “GOD compartment” in all of us and nothing can fill that space, however if we learn to love and not harbor anger that space will grow and grow. I don’t think your dad has abandoned his God given role as a father. I too like your uncle Norman lost my father whom I was very close to. He made mistakes also that I thought I would never forgive him for. But I did and long before his death. I am and was at peace before his death. While your dad still has breath the 2 of you should at least try to mend this relationship. I know there is the case with your mom and I truly understood your love and you standing up for her in your statements. Tell her hello for me! There is nothing like a father son relationship and I don’t feel that you and your dads is lost. In my old age I have come to know that if we talk with others about what we feel about things they do and say we sometimes see it in a different way and more importantly we feel better in the end. You are young and have so much to living to do. You deserve the best and that is a wholeheart family life. Try it you’ll like it! I hear that you are playing in Conn. Proud of you!

  30. Sully says:

    Greg, Jr., go get a pedicure and then think about it. When I am struggling with things, I find it best to get a pedicure and treat myself at a day spa-like Elizabeth Ardon or something-when I’m going through a rough period. Don’t worry, it’s not that gay for a guy to get a pedicure. A few months ago, I was thinking about leaving Countrywide for this other real estate company. I tossed and turned at night. Finally, I took a day off and treated myself to one of those Asian places. I was disappointed that I didn’t get a happy ending but the sparkle of my nails made me forget about it (thanks Mike for recommending that place =) ). So, just go out, get your feet pampered and think about things. I understand your frustration. I once had a woman stick a gun in my mouth but I forgave her. She was married and had a kid so it was my fault I was in that situation in the first place…and I’m not saying that it was even your fault b/c it wasn’t but just that I can relate to your situation. Anyway, if you are ever in Wilbarger County, look me up. I’m in the yellow pages under the esses.

    Baby Arm,


  31. Tom says:

    To Greg Lloyd Jr.

    I recently played in a golf charity event with your father and truly enjoyed his company, he spoke of you and your siblings and was obivously very proud of you and what you have accomplished, that being said I also had a father that struck fear into my life on a daily basis and a mother who had the guts to take me out that situation. I still remember how hard all of that was. Nobody could believe my father was that way, on the outside everyone thought he was a great guy and he was, but at home he was a far different person he had a dark side that he seemed he could not controlat times. I had nothing to do with my father for over ten years by choice, but as I made my way in life I came to a point when I felt I could handle seeing him on a limited basis. It was never the same for me, he had become and old man and I could not remain angry at him even though I felt I should be inside. Looking back now I just don’t know if it was worth all the hurt. I know that every situation is different, just remember that old saying “time heals all wounds” comes to mind and in time you may find in your heart to forgive him for what has happend in the past, but you will know when that time comes, if it comes.
    Greg, you sound like a very level headed young man with a bright future ahead. I wish you great success. You have earned it.

    God Bless

  32. Jevon Stevens says:

    Greg Sr. :
    Unlce Greg i hope you actually do glance back across this page to see what i have to say, because this probably seems like something you would check back on from time to time. Uncle Greg, first i’ll start off by saying what’s up to you and how are you doing these days? I know we haven’t really spoken much over the years, but i’ve seen you probably about 6 or 7 times in my life in which i’m now almost 30 years old this December. I really can’t make out what type of relationship we have with each other except the fact that your my mom’s little brother. All 9 of you, brothers and sisters, were born and partially raised right here in Miami(Opa-Locka), Florida. Why did you put on the back of your football card : Born & Raised….. Ft. Valley, GA??? I hope your not ashamed of where your from. The relationship that i have with my Uncles and Aunts,(Donald, Elliot, Darrell, Geraldine, Shirley, Barbara”Wami”, & Alethea*Pookie*) are like their my extra brothers and sisters because of the closeness that we have. Me and you don’t really have that type of relationship probably due to the fact that we don’t really communicate. I find it strange that your oldest nephew (me) never got a chance to kick it with you like that knowing how much i loved the game because of you. What up and coming football athelete wouldn’t have LOVED to be like you! We didn’t play the same position, but we had defense at heart. I was a cornerback.(in case you didn’t know what i played) I appreciated to hear from you some words of wisdom from a man, my uncle, who is actually living my dream. Though i found it strange for you to also tell your nephew thats in college playing football “don’t be like me”. Hey, knowing how busy you might have been, on the other hand it was still cool to hear from you being that we rarely spoke anyway. Did you know because of you, to this day, we still love The Pittsburg Steelers? Hope you’ve been keeping up on the games because “we’re” doing pretty good.

    Now a days i’m a grown man. Married with kids just as you are. We are both father’s and want the best for our kids, but when they get to a point where they are growing older and can’t listen, then you should already know to subdue your passions and let them bump their own heads. We all learned from making mistakes and honestly i think this was a mistake by you airing this for the world to see. Hi Stephanie. I guess eventually we will meet one day, because his ex-wife never quite warmed up with me as i remember her ever since i was about 8 years old. Not that she had to, but i always said that their was something phony about her. Too bad Uncle Greg had to find it out this way. Well Unc i tried calling you several times, so thats why i hope you see this and how it’s getting out of hand. I’m not going to go any deeper into these “FAMILY” issues for the world to make a mockery of us all so if you would like to contact me, my mom has every way to contact me that you can think of. If your genuine about family values then i guess i should be hearing from you soon. Sup Kisha. This is your big cuz in Miami saying stay safe and keep on praying till you come back home. Sup Uncle Norm. I bet you probably got something good on the grill right now and no; i dont think i can still run that 4.4 40 yard dash anymore. Tell my cousins i said hi 🙂 Sup Xaviour. I don’t think we’ve ever met and wouldn’t mind if we did. After all we’re family.

    Greg Jr.
    Everyone is saying how proud we are of your acheivements so far and it is genuinely true, but as a boy growing into a man, you must learn to put away childish things. As a matter of respect, first of all: you should address your father as dad – not Greg. If it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t even be here. I know you love your mom, but she didn’t make you by herself. My dad has been dead now for over 21 years. I wish i could at least have the opportunity to even argue with him right now. You on the other hand, obviously, have now idea of how blessed you are and everything that you are to this day is because of your dad. I’m your oldest cousin and you don’t even know me, but i can’t fault you for that. I saw some of your high school clips and your a beast on the field just like your dad was. Have you looked in the mirror lately? You can’t possibly sleep well at night knowing that you are a splitting image of your dad and seem to be trying to develope some type of hate for him. News Flash: This Just In – Every father that cares for the future of his kids will go to any means necessary just to keep them on the right track. (In case you didn’t know) What type of ego must you be on thinking that you can do this without your dad? Your saying, “You got this far without him and forgot about him in your life”. You haven’t even got a chip off the iceberg yet. You probably feel like a strong oak tree deep rooted in the ground when in actuality your no more than a seed that hasn’t even been planted yet. This is where you father comes in. Take it from me lil cuz. I can’t give it to you anymore raw than that. You speak about what you’ve gone through. Exatly what have you gone through? You have no idea what i means to struggle! Thanks to your, sorry to say, gold digging mom made sure that she always had a plan using my uncle’s (your dad) finances for her person interest. Your trying to make it seem like your mom was the mother of the year when we all know the nanny took care of you all when you were kids. You remember as a little boy the nanny cooking for you, putting you to bed, washing your clothes, cleaning up after you, and etc. I guess mommy was too busy doing whatever else. I guess your just too young or either too nieve to recognize the big picture. I feel so sorry for you, because you are who are you due your dad being who he is, what he’s done with his life.

    The last time you and your dad came down here and we went to dinner at Tony Roma’s, you were walking around looking lost like a little kid, but looking up to your dad for guidance as he was giving you some pointers on your karate match you just had. What happened to that? You can’t possibly say that you don’t miss getting that final instuction from your dad who you know means you no harm and want you to be the best. Perhaps even better than he was. You really don’t need anymore time to think about this. I really don’t care what anybody thinks about what i have to say to the both of you, but i expect you two to do what’s right. Talk to each other. If you two don’t want to be the first one to call, hell i’ll put you on a 3 way call. Don’t forget you “immediate family” also includes your dad. *This is so disappointing.* You can get in touch with me from your dad if you would like to speak to me personally. I don’t want to put any personal contact info on here to get in touch with me for the world to see it. If he cares for you like he say he does, he should have this information for you upon your request or know where to get it from amongst other things. Though me and your dad don’t really have that much of a relationship other than the bloodline, i do know for sure that his kids mean the world to him. Don’t let this critical opportunity pass you by.

    Big Cuz

    P.S.- Who is Emma Lloyd? Greg Sr.’s grandmothers’ real name is Bertha Davis. (my great grandmother) Greg Sr.’s mothers’ name is Nettie-Ruth who still is alive and well in Opa-Locka, FL. (in case you didn’t know lil Greg)

    Get at me soon. I would like to share more details with you both.

    100% Real N*gg* All The Time!

  33. steelhead says:

    to jr. your father was my favorite player of all time. with that said, if he did those things that were said he did i am truely sorry. what these asses don’t realize is that your father didn’t exactly have the rosey lifestyle when he was left buy his own mother. i am not trying to excuse your father for anything that happened, but keep in mind the man’s childhood was empty without a mother. he may not of acutally realized how to show you the proper way to be a man.
    i like to think i know about your father, but quite honestly all i know is what i have viewed over the long years about him.i remember seeing the nfl show the meanest men in football. steve sabol and the nfl crew named him the meanest man.
    greg told steve that his mother left him with his aunt(if i remember correctly) and never returned. what a horrable thing for a child to live with.
    i am a father of a 17 year old daughter and a 2 year old son, i would never do anything to hurt them, i want to believe that your father would have not ever hurt you, but you know better than anyone if he would have or not. i know that your father must be hurting inside. if i can give you any advise let it be if you can, forgive your father and try to understand the life he had lived and that he might not have known how show his love for you properly.
    good luck to you,hope you succeed in everything you do. god bless!

  34. Scott Smith in Louisville says:

    Greg Lloyd was just here in Louisville, KY on 10/29 and made a surprise visit to our huge Steelers fanclub (over 500+ members strong) R Place Pub. A good friend of mine who usually saves my fiance and I seats called me about noon and was like “Uh, Greg Lloyd’s here, so I figured I’d call and let you know. So you guys can come out if you wanna see him or whatever.” I laughed and told my fiance–and we both that it was a funny joke. But it wasn’t. He really did show up. Now I’m kicking myself in the ass for not going out there to meet one of my Steeler idols!

    I remember reading the article about the falling out with his son, the pistol incident, and other info about the Dojo he teaches at. It also went on to mention that Greg hates going to public events to meet Steelers fans and sign autographs. So I thought there was no way in hell he was coming up to Louisville to hang out with our wild Steelers crew. But he did. I still to this day keep my #95 jersey sitting on a hanger right next to #92. Every now and then if it’s real quiet in my house and I walk into the closet to grab a shirt, I can hear Greg giving Jason shit about that playoff game in ’94 where the young rookie was the only defensive player on the field with long sleeves on–even though it was cold as hell and snowing that day. That’s Steelers football baby. Hard-nosed, blue collar, in yo face. Smacking opponents in the mouth. Loved it back then, and still love it today.

    In my different scenario I can relate to what happened between Sr. and Jr. My dad was an alcoholic who my older sister said used to come home drunk and rough up my mom. They divorced when I was 2, so of course I was too young to remember any of that. I ran into him years later when my brother found him by accident. My mother had died of cancer one year before. I had not seen him for 16 years. I hardly knew him. This gave a new definition to the word bittersweet. I still keep in contact with him to this day, however our relationship has never been the typical father and son one that I wished and hoped that it would end up being. He’s more like an older, wise friend to me. I’m 37 and he’s 70 now. I guess my point I’m trying to make is to follow your heart Jr. You can live your life without him and be just fine if you choose. But if you feel at some point you want to give him a chance to reconnect, then certainly give it the chance to do so. I was very angry and wrote a hateful letter to my dad after we found him. He had remarried and moved to Texas. I had a 13-year old half sister I had never met. Talk about crazy. I heard that he read my letter and then tore it up and flushed it down the toilet where he told his new wife “that’s where it belongs.” So he never came to grips with what damage was done to me. You can’t go back and erase or delete time, as if it’s a computer program that has been infected. Life unfortunately doesn’t work like that. I eventually gave him a second chance, but only because my brother was so upset about what I did. And I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. We talk on the phone every now and then. Since he lives in Katy, TX so I don’t see him but once every few years or so. I feel like at this point it doesn’t matter if he’s in my life or not. I’ve moved on and am quite happy without him if need be. After all, he wasn’t there for 16 years for me. Your situation is not quite on the level of mine, but in a certain way I’m sure you can relate. Just giving you some food for thought bro. Just follow your heart is all I can tell you. You’ll do what’s right for you, and that’s the most important thing that matters. Don’t worry about trying to please everybody else.

    I’ll always be a big Greg Lloyd fan, and will be watching Jr. on Saturday afternoons rooting for UConn as well. I still have all the great memories of wearing my #95 jersey on Sundays in the nineties, and will always treasure them. Like the time in 1995 when Greg backed up his claim after calling out Dan Marino earlier in the week by saying he was gonna get him. That blindside sack was PRICELESS. The million dollar question from that is: What did Dan Marino say to Greg Lloy when he grabbe a handful of Lloyd’s jersey and pulled him down close to him while laying on his back? I’ve always wondered about that. Greg was an excellent LB, but not better than Jack Lambert though. Sorry Greg, you had the size, Jack didn’t. He did amazing things as an undersized LB that were unbelievable, even by today’s standards. No one played the game with the ferocity of #58. But I would put you just behind him. You were a beast and the leader of the D. We haven’t had a LB to strike fear into the hearts of quarterbacks since you. Not even Peezy. Great trash talker though.

    In closing, I wish the best to Greg Lloyd Sr & Jr. No matter what.

  35. Jevon Stevens says:

    Scott Smith:

    Dan Marino said to Greg Sr., “You m*th*rf*ck*r!” That why he slapped Marino’s hand off his jersey. Just like you that has to be one of my favorite sacks he made also. (your million dollar answer)

  36. My father played ball in Pittsburgh with your father, from what I understand both my parents were good friends of both your parents. We were small children at the time, so I can’t remember the Pittsburgh years because my father had left the steelers and went to another team. I only remember the years he played in california. we are the same age. sometimes our parents say or do things that they regret. I don’t know what happened, but I know from over hearing a pass conversation my dad had with your father he misses his children and longs to have a relationship with you guys. I can understand because I’ve had some serious issues with my father, but they only want whats best for us. When we were born we didn’t come with instructions so they were bound to make mistakes. In many ways I can understand both sides. you feel your father was too tough on you, but can I tell you it was because he loves you. I have felt the same about my dad, I sure we could exchange stories about our fathers going a little to far. Don’t get me wrong my father would never do what you accursed your father of, but he has done things and siad things that at the time I felt was over the top. Still I could never imagine not having my father in my life. in these short 19 years I have been in the world I have come to realize no one will ever love me the way my parents do. No matter what happens I can always go to my mother and father and they will be there for me. if we had talked a year ago I would have agreed with you because I resented my parent especially my mother because I felt she should have left my dad so I could do my thing and have my way, but instead she stayed and allowed my dad to mole me. This is my second year of college and now i see alot of what he was trying to tell me and I wish I would have listened to him sooner because things I experienced could have been avoided. thier are six of us children and my father seems to handle each of us differently some he has had to be alittle more harder on than others and now I know that is because he is dealing with different personalities. I now understand why mama stay. He loves her dearly anyone can see that and his kids too thats why he is so tough on them. give your dad another chance you have no ideal what you are missing out on. I still don’t agree with everything my dad say or do, but I respect him and don’t want to live without him because he has so much more knowlegde to give me. AND YOUR DAD CAN’T BE ALL THAT BAD HE WAS A FRIEND OF MY PARENTS (THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD). AND LISTEN TO GRANDMA STOP AIRING YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY IN PUBLIC!

  37. donald says:

    lil greg
    I believe you! I hate your dad did this to you, but we as parents are passionate about our boys making it in life. I’m proud of what you have accomplished and weather you know it or not it is because of your dad that you are where you are today. try to forgive him.

    this is don your old roommate. I hate to see this happening to you, but everyone in Pittsburgh knew this was going to happen. Rhonda and Gordon’s girl was only in it for the money. when Gordon didn’t make it she dropped him. I know what you are going threw my wife and I divorced and it was really ugly I lost everything from my house and even costed me my job. It seems that all of us guys who hung together those first two years picked the wrong woman excepted maybe one (happy to see from the comment above one of us made it work. I see you are married again looks like you have the right one this time). Tammy (gordon’s girl) told us that Rhonda said you was going to pay for your mini affair with carolyn the law student at michigan and that she didn’t know how long you would play but you was going to enjoy the ride until it was over than she was going to take you for everything. I guess she did it sorry bro but you got palyed. I just hate everyone saw it before you. Maybe we should have told you but you were so in love and would not have listened anyway. Everyone felt you should have married Carolyn because it was odvious she really cared about you and everyone knew Rhonda was as phony as a three dollar bill. its all done you played into her hands and now you should just fess up and apologize to your son and make peace.

    You never liked me nor I you. I find it funny that you never came out with these problems with greg until he retired. you and greg was two TNT bombs and everyone held thier breath while they waited for for the enormous explosion. You knew how greg was before you married him, but you was looking for a free ride and you got it. stop poisoning these kids against thier father. you have made your power move tell the kids the truth about yourself and that thier dad is very passionate about the things he love and he loves them.

    I’m not sure if any of you will return to this site I hope so and if you don’t the world knows the truth about my friend Greg sr. and his evil munipulative ex-wife rhonda.


    greg lloyd was never convicted of pointing a gun to his sons head.if he had done it he would of been convicted.everybody thinks that greg is the same wild man they saw on the football field trying to rip peoples heads off but he is completely oppsite of that in real life.people that know him personaly or on a business level would understand that.greg lloyd is a man of god,husband,father and role model to all the kids at his school.
    congrats on making the steeelers 75th team

  39. outrageded says:

    OJ was not convicted, but all would agree he killed those poeple. I’m not saying that Mr Lloyd did what he was accursed of, but just because a jury did not convict him does not mean it did not happen. A hung jury means just that! the jury could not agree! And I too congrat Mr Lloyd for his accomplishments.

  40. Trina Matthews says:

    Greg Lloyd Jr. … I met your dad at a golf tournament in Stockton California a couple months ago. He was very charming, laid back, had a beautiful smile and very personable. I observed him at an autograph session and he was very kind and generous to the multitude of fans that approached him. I didn’t see what everyone keeps saying about his dislike of the game. Although, I did not spend much time speaking with your dad, I did have a couple of conversations with him over the weekend and I am saying all this to say… people change and parents are people too… I am not sure of your relationship with God but you are causing your heart to harden by your hatred towards your dad. You “must” forgive your dad to please God and for you…not for your dad. It’s apparent by your writings that you still want to have a relationship with your dad and it’s so sad that your mom influenced you in the way that she did. It’s too bad that we can’t pick our parents but there are reasons for everything. Sometimes parents do whatever they feel necessary to save their kids, even when it’s inappropriate. Parents normally treat their children as they were treated and you should really take an inventory on your life and ask yourself, if Greg Lloyd Sr. died tonight, how you would feel. ANYTHING can be repaired… with God, time, love, patience and understanding. The Greg Lloyd I met appears to be someone with character and I am almost certain that he would do WHATEVER it took in order to mend the relationship with you. If you truly despised him as you mentioned in your postings there is no way you would have kept writing on this page. Seems to me you were trying to reach out to him and all you wanted was a little bite from him so that you know in your heart that he still yearns for his son. Take a look at you. Save you. You can not keep anger inside because it will overflow one day and manifest itself in way that can destroy you. I pray for you and your dad, and may God bless you both!

  41. Julio says:

    I used to watch Gregs LLoyd! He would tackle a man the way a mexican would tackle a burrito when starving!

  42. Chowder says:

    Would Greg consider ultimate fighting 3 midgets at the same time?

  43. BIG DADDY says:

    why do so many people make this to sound like a joke on here?this is a mans family problems with his child and x wife>if this was your problem you wont want others laughing and joking around about it


  44. Mark M. says:

    someone told me about this thread and I never read it until now. 2 months late I guess. There are some imposters as well as some real people on it. Greg Jr. – If your Dad gives me his express permission, and you desire, I can provide you with some unique perspective on events between your parents in Fayetteville and on your Dad. He can also tell you who I am. Your mom might even recall as well. I was not at the trials, very sorry you all had to go through that. Congrats – I hope you do well at UCONN. I am not passing judgment on anyone, any of you, but I will tell you this for now. Your family situational history is not that special. My oldest brother has not spoken to my Father in over 30 years. My Father’s actions towards me were worse than any allegations made vs. Sr. (and I was aware of most all of them). He is still my Dad. I still called him when my son was born. I will still talk to him – and his wife and daughter. Some day, I truly pray, you will know why. In this or anything else, don’t give over any of your time or power for hate – life is too short – shorter for some than others. Also, only one man has known no sin. Only one. The rest of us are severely faulted and often have to beg God for forgiveness. Greg Sr – I understand that God knocked and you answered. I really liked that. It has been hard row I am more than certain, but you can only get to that point of answering the knock through absolute brokeness. (at least that is true for us truly stubborn people). “Facing the Giants” style. I wonder why do you think he wears #95? If you want to try, you can reach me, I am sure, new #’s a little further North now. Stephanie – I know you love Greg Sr, but not your fight. Just listen and pray. All you can do. Donald – WOW – you are indeed a very, very, very wise and tremendously learned man.

  45. Anonomous says:

    This… is kinda wierd to hear for the first time for i have never heard this bout my father.. or my brother now i kno why my dad isn’t a loud to leave and to a stepmother nevr known i don’t no what to say i don’t wan’t to down talk anybody since i don’t kno at all what I happened bt what i had learned had made me sad and to the brothers and sister never to kno i am sorry for nvr being able to kno yuu guys bt mabii i guess it mite be for the best luv ya guys yea bt i realli just don’t kno wat to say sooo yea bye

  46. charles says:

    Greg Lloyd Sr, I am writing you as a long time fan and fraternity brother. I am not traveling the path in which you are walking but I know it is not easy. A man’s children is his blood-line and identity and it is difficult when you know what lies ahead in life and not be able to communicate with your children. Your son seems to be a fine young man and I hope that what ever has happened in your father-son relationship can be resolved because life is to short to hold grudges and resentment from or for anyone. He is going to need your guidance someday when he becames famous and I do believe that you will be an important factor in helping him make that transition to the NFL and MANHOOD. This is much deeper than football though. Before you know it your son will be a man with a child or children and you need to be a part of that as well. Greg Jr, I hope that you will consider talking to you father or if you don’t want to talk listen to your father. Give him an opportunity to be a father because eventually you will need his guidance and if you have children they will want to know their grandfather. I know you think that is far fetch but it is not. I had a bad relationship with my dad for basically all my life, I grew up without him and even though I had other male role models they could not replace that empty feeling I had not having him around. Just like you I mad at my father but deep down inside I still loved him. The only difference is he didn’t show much interest in being in my life, until I almost died two years ago at age 33. By this time I had three children and it was then that we reconnected a father son relationship. In other words don’t let tragedy or a mishap bring the two of you together. I watched my dad play with his grandchildren and I relived my childhood through my their relationship and I love him and they love him just as much as I do. Don’t wait that long to reestablish your father-son relationship.

    To Brother Lloyd you may remember these lines from pledging day apply this in your daily struggles NUPE. If you are a child of GOD that means you have HIS DNA, and the bloodline of our Father and Creator is so powerful that all things are possible even broken hearts and relationships. Get your daily bread from HIM and pray for your father-son relationship to be restored.

  47. Diamond DeShields(Greg Lloyd Jr.'s old Lunch Buddy) says:

    Hey Greg, this is diamond man i havwn;t talked to you in years!!!! i no this has nothing to do with what your talking about on this site but i just wanted to talk to you again cuz i miss all the Lloyds especially james. I hope to watch you guys dominate this season in football just know that i’ll be watching.I just wanted to talk to my “lunch buddy” cuz it has been a while but I hope you the best at UConn and tell mya moore that your lunch buddy said wassup and that she’s the coolest person ever. Im just sad that her school never played woodward cuz if they did I would’ve met her but oh well. Maybe someday I will meet her but until then i can just pray to god that I do, lol!! but bye and i miss u guys soo much and just tell everyone diamond sais hi and i luv them. luv u too bye:-)

  48. Darcy says:

    Greg Your Are A True Leader In My Mind , We all do things that we regret, but it takes those mistakes that we learn from and GROW. I hope things work out for you and your family. TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS….THATS FOR THE GREAT MEMORIES

  49. steelperhac says:

    Greg Jr.,

    Life is too short to hold resentment. I hope to see you in a Steeler uniform someday, wearing #95.

    Greg Sr.,

    you were simply the best of your era and it is an injustice you have not even been on Hall of Fame’s short list; With the exception of L.T., you dominated the 90’s at the position. I hope that one day justice is served and your bust is in Canton.

  50. Greg says:

    Greg Jr,

    I can believe all that your father did. I will tell you a quick story about him that I saw first hand. I played at Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania. He came up their with some other steelers in 1991 for a charity basketball game. He came over and went berserk on my friend and myself and said we were cheating on the score. We were the scorekeepers. He then kept getting pissed because the refs were calling fouls on him. He then nailed the Indiana high school basketball coach with an illegal screen and bloodied his nose. He was handicapped. When the ref called the foul on him again he took the ball and booted it in the stands. I have always thought he was a jerk from that day forward and what he did to you doesn’t suprise me. I do believe it. Our event was for charity.

    Real Nice Dad,

    Best of Luck in life and all you do.

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