November 19, 2018

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Sobering stuff today from the Hartford Courant’s Shawn Courche, and slightly shocking as well. Who knew UConn played football? (thanks to Ryan Brown for the link)

Greg Lloyd Jr. will sign a letter of intent today to play football at the University of Connecticut.

He’s one of 29 players expected to sign, but he’s the only one with a former NFL All-Pro linebacker for a father.

And while today is a joyous day, Saturday is a worrisome day.

He will turn 18, and a protective order issued by a Georgia court banning his father from having contact with him will run out.

And that is unsettling to his mother.

“I can’t protect him anymore, ” Rhonda Lloyd said. “That’s a scary thought for me.”

She says it’s scary because Greg Lloyd’s father (above) was accused of sticking a gun in his son’s mouth in 2001. Two trials in 2004 ended in hung juries and a third was not pursued.

Scary because Rhonda Lloyd’s former husband was accused, and pleaded no contest in 2004, to simple battery for pointing a gun at his estranged wife’s head in 2002.

Scary because of what Rhonda and Greg Jr. say they and a younger brother and sister went through living with Greg Lloyd Sr., a five-time Pro Bowl linebacker with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1990s.

He has not spoken to his father since 2002 and says he has no relationship with the man. According to press accounts of his testimony at the first trial, Greg Jr. said his father put the barrel of a Glock semiautomatic pistol in his mouth because he allegedly was upset about his 12-year-old son’s grades in school.

“He was like, `You’re wasting your life away and if you want to ruin it, I can end it for you right now, ” Greg Jr. said at the trial.

Greg Lloyd Sr. testified at the first trial in Fayetteville, Ga., and denied the story. He did not testify at the second trial. At the time, his lawyer, Ricky Morris, said that “Greg maintains that this is basically Rhonda Lloyd’s attempt to get an upper hand in the divorce.”

Several attempts to reach Greg Sr. were unsuccessful, but Joaquin Bonilla, who co-owns two Oh Do Kwan martial arts studios in Georgia with Lloyd, says he sees another side of the former NFL player. A black belt in tae kwon do, Lloyd is listed as an instructor on the school’s website

“He’s a great role model to all the kids here, ” Bonilla said. “A lot of the allegations were fabricated. They tried him twice, and they never found him guilty. He’s a good man. … The things that went on didn’t make any sense. You wouldn’t believe how badly he wants to reconnect with those kids. His wife won’t give him a chance. All this was so she could get what she wanted. She was making Greg out to be O.J. Simpson, and he’s not. She’s saying, `He’s dangerous. He’s going to kill us all.’ What she did was a very planned-out strategy.”

Greg Jr. says he thinks his father will attempt to contact him at some point. It’s not something he wants.

“If he said he wanted to try again, I would say no, ” said Greg Jr., a 6-foot-2, 209-pound linebacker. “It’s too late for that.”

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  1. Sin says:

    Greg Jr.

    I googled your name to see how you are doing at UCONN, and I can’t believe I found this page!

    Anyway, I know you through my nephew you are good friends with S.H. from Bmore!

    I wish you all the best and pray for you. I know that it is easy for people to say to forgive when they do not know what you feel and how a wound from a Father feels! What people should just offer is prayer!!

    I look forward to seeing you and S.H. (the Son of a former Steeler player) in the NFL Draft!

    May God Heal you and your Family!

  2. Fight On! says:

    I have no place making any judgments or commentary on Greg Lloyd, Senior or Junior, because it is between a father and a son. I just wish them both well. My heart goes out to both of them and their families that this private issue has become so public that it involves bloggers commenting on their private affairs.

    That said, I will make my opinions known about Greg Lloyd, Sr., the linebacker. As a linebacker coach I can tell you without question, when Lloyd was playing as a member of the Steeler defense in the ’90s, he was about as fundamentally sound a linebacker as you will find on film.

    He was a monster at the outside linebacker position and really redefined the role to what it is today. His first step, and his ability to come around the edge and put relentless pressure on the quarterback is utilized today in schemes, where smaller sized defensive ends are playing the rush linebacker position that Lloyd so dominated during this playing days (e.g., D. Ware with Dallas).

    Most importantly, he brought the game and his teammates on defense to his extraordinary high level of competitiveness. You would be hard pressed to find a better competitor at any sport in any decade.

    I am saddened deeply by the news of Lloyd’s after football/off the field troubles. I hope that he and his son find resolution. The Hall of Fame would be truly empty to not consider Greg Lloyd based on these issues. And I hope to see one day Lloyd is a member of a HOF class very soon.

  3. Kwasi' says:

    To Greg jr. and Sr.

    Hey guys, I guess you about full of advice and opinions from everyone. I would be. I been through some similar stuff jr. just buried my dad this year, been estranged since I was in 5th grade and I’m 40 now. He was a bad guy, not much of a father, kinda selfish, alcoholic, outlaw loser type. I kinda made it my goal in life to right the wrongs in life that he made and to this day I have been somewhat successful. Life is about choices, you live and die with them. I’m sure your ole’ man regrets what transpired, as my father did, unfortunately it was too late for him. I cried when he died, even part of me wish we could have had the relationship but I knew I could never have that type of person around my family. You are young, and one day if your lucky you’ll be old. And when you look back on your life, all that will matter is not the promotions, or work conversations or stupid stuff we place importance on as younger folks, it will be the relationships we have in our lifetime. I could not have one with my father, but I did tell him I forgave him for all that had happened and I accepted him for who he was and didn’t lay blame on him for being what he was. That gave me peace. I hope you and your Dad can reconcile, that would truly be a blessing for you both. I believe it can happen.

  4. T... says:

    Greg Jr.

    I know you and your family very well. I can’t reveal who i am but my guy and your dad went to Fort Valley together and also came out of Miami together and are also NUPES brothers and good friends. I’ve been around your Dad and Rhonda way before you were born. I remember when you were born. We know alot about Greg and Rhonda’s personal issues in their marriage. I know your mom very well and i do know some of her flaws as a woman to woman from the times i’ve hang out with her. And i’m not here to bash or judge either of your parents.They both love you very much. As a woman, a wife and a mother this is heartbroken. Now i’m not goig to say Greg Sr did or did not do what you are claiming. Only you know the truth. But i’ll tell you one thing I know he loves you kids and wants the best for you guys. Now you are a grown man you can let your mom Rhonda know if she is truelly a woman to now let you deal with your dad Greg Sr on your own grounds at your own level. And that is not going to change how you feel about her as a mother and your loyalty to her. You owe it to yourself son to reach out to your dad if not just for closure. Mentally you will be affected by this for the rest of your life and it’s going to hurt more when you yourself become a father. If you can’t do it alone find someone you can trust and take them with you…go to Greg Sr and give him time to explain himself to you and you express your feelings.. after that then make that decision if you want him in your life or not. If not at all at least you will know you had that opportunity while Greg Sr is still here on earth…trust me when he is gone…the pain you are feeling right now will triple and it will weigh heavily in your heart and in your mind… and you are going to look back and wish you had that opportunity of discussion with him. And don’t air any more of your family dirty laundry. One thing we all have to do when we do become adults is to learn our parents now as an adult mind and not as a child’s mind and we’ll find both our mothers and fathers were not perfect people. You either accept it or help them and also pray for them. You need to pray on it and ask God for help and guidance in this situation.Trust me son it will affect every part of your life as a man general, as a working man whether it’s playing professional football like your dad or any other career, as a boyfriend or husband and as a father in the future this will affect your life if you do not resolve it now . Do it now while you are young. And always remember you can still love your mother Rhonda and let her know that, but let her know this is something you need to do for you as a son as a man, your mother can have more husbands but remember you only get one father. Put it in God’s hand.

    And for Greg Sr the times i’ve been around you and listening to you talk or when you come by the house and talk to my guy about your football career or Rhonda and the kids, I know you did love her and i definitely know you love the kids, even now in listening to you and watching you with Stephanie i know you are hurting and you do love your kids and probably have many regrets. But only God knows what really happens behind close doors. If you made a mistake let it be between you and your son.. mend fences. Let it be about you and him don’t mention Rhonda at all in it just try working on you and him… if and when that opportunity comes and he wants to have that talk with you. And you do the same put it in God’s him. You and my guy are still nupe brothers and friends. I tell him all the time as a friend to listen and not take sides really but pray for you and the kids and even Rhonda…and pray for your new relationship with Stephanie so you guys can find peace. Put it in God’s hands the truth will come out one day and if it never does God and the parties involve knows the truth. Well i’m glad my guy is still here for you as a friend and so am i…hope one day soon i can tell you that i wrote this online. God Bless.

    Greg Jr. i haven’t seen you in some years now but we are proud of you and good luck at UCONN. You are in my prayers as well. Take care of yourself. I do have a step son a little older then you whom you have played with as children. I really wish i can tell you who i am….in due time maybe. Again good luck and find God as your guidance in everything you do. I know there is some hope since you still talk about your admiration for your dad in football and that’s a plus.

  5. Kwasi says:

    Hey Greg Sr. and Jr.,

    I’d like to invite you both to my house to watch a Steelers game. Neutral setting, no obnoxious fans except me. In Delaware, have awesome ManCave w/ bar and large screen T.V. How about it??

  6. Quimoe says:

    I’m gonna say this….
    If a father puts a gun into his child’s mouth, and doesn’t pull the trigger, THIS IS A SERIOUS METAPHOR. It is obvious to me that his intent was not to hurt, but to teach. You may as well be dead without an education. Greg Lloyd is a black belt in tae kwon do, so he could have broken and killed you without a gun. Hmmmmm. I also do know that disgruntled mother have a funny way of using their love to manipulate a child’s mind. They can make you believe things that did not happen. I know. My rules some people, and most get ruled by the flash and flair nowadays, so maybe there is some validity to what Sr is saying.
    On the other side, There is a trauma that never leaves you after a gun to pointed at you, or put in your mouth. If it did happen then Greg Jr. has every right to keep his distance. I do not know what transpired that day, but THERE WILL BE A DAY WHEN GREG JR. COMES TO THE REALIZATION OF HIS OWN INTEGRITY. If it did not happen, he will come to his epiphany. If this did happen, none of this will happen. It is up to Greg Jr. to decide which is which, NO ONE ELSE!

  7. Greg LLoyd is simply the best linebacker the football has ever had!

  8. Cynthia Gregs' cousin from Cincinnati says:

    I am the cousin of Greg Llloyd and I know him from a child and he is a great family man that wants the best for his family.
    Lil Greg, remember, the Bible says: “Honor your mother and father that your days may be long”. Also if you want God to forgive you, you must forgive him…
    Rhonda, Why are you doing my cousin like this? TO ruin a child is sad..You had you time in the spotlight on account of my cousin…
    He is now happy with a real wife that is in his corner and remember you reap what you sow…

  9. Steelers Fan says:

    Greg SR- you are the reason I’m a Steelers fan-I still wear your jersey-I had the opportunity to see you play-And it was amazing-You are one of the greats!!

  10. Barbara Lloyd says:

    Greg Jr.
    I know your father pretty good, I should say. I used to call him my Baby Brother back in the day and really still think of him as such. I used to be married to his brother Drl, who is of course his big brother and he took me to every Ft. Valley State Home coming game when Drl and I were in the military. Your father play so awesome as you will to, its in the blood sweetie, when he ran down the field it was like litterally watching the red sea part they were so scared of him, but off the field he was just like a big 250 lbs teddy bear. I would tease him and I loved to hear him talk with that barratone voice, his brother Drl and all his sister were so proud of him, given circumstances in growing up. He made his way and I was very proud of my baby brother by marriage but in sprirt as well. I remember i lost contact with him and I wrote to the steeler fans mail and he got the mail and called by at my duty station to say hello and see how I was doing after I left the family. I tell everyone I know about how he was just a big teddy bear off the feild when you speak to him. I did meet your mother as well at their wedding and visitiing them in Pittsburgh but don’t have much to say about it, but I know she got spoilied by Greg with anything she wanted, I knew he loved her very much- that is a fact. I can’t say what happen and don’t want to speculate that is family business. I do miss talking to him like a big sister would and if you or Greg Sr wants to contact me you can at my first dot [email protected] or look me up on myspace. I am retired now and working overseas as a contractor. I do hope you reconcile in your own way with your father, take on day at a time and ask him about what he has been thru in life and maybe things will be clearer in the end. Good Job you are doing at Univ of Conn. I have been googlig to try to keep up with ya. I remember you out of all your Brothers and sisters and how proud you pappy was and still have a picture of you and that mean chow chow he had LOL : )
    Take care sweeite and may God Bless you always
    Barbara Lloyd

  11. Barbara Lloyd says:

    One more thing his biggest fan was one of the sweetest ladies I know and was so happy to be her daughter in law when I was, your grandmother in Florida, Mrs. Nettie, love her till this day.

  12. Dwight L. Floy says:

    I’m a former teammate Greg LLoyd jr. and still a friend of his. He is strong willed die hard football player who is feared and respected on the field much like his father. Off the field he is a quiet even tempered person. He never talk much of his dad and he never said anything about the trials. It’s truly is a testimony to Greg Lloyd jr. character to go through what he went through. I’m not going to judge anyone but there is nothing a child could that should drive a parent to put a gun in there mouth no matter the intent. I always admired Greg (Jr.) for his the strength he exhibits in the weight room and on the field now I more so admire the true power he displays by living in the shadow of a giant and the stigma of his father’s ills. God bless the whole Lloyd family and through the divine healing power God may the relationship between father and son be mended.

  13. Mrs.Stephanie Lloyd says:

    Gregory Jr. You have no reason at all for not liking me, other than the fact that I am the real deal. I love your Father very much. I also care a great deal about You,Tiana, and Jhames. Rhonda on the other hand is not the greatest person. I have not spoken anything but the truth about your mother. Also, I told your Father to tell you guys that I was the maid because that is what you were used to. You were used to maids and nannies because your mother was too lazy to get off of her “FAT ASS” and tend to you guys. Or was it that she was too “HUNG OVER”. When your mother introduced you to Leredgin did you like him? Did she tell you that he was someone that she was seeing behind your Father’s back?!!! Your mother is a “JOKE”!!! Too bad she never taught you to “FORGIVE”!!! Your Father is a good person and has been a bleesing to Asia and Noah and to Myself. However, He is rough around the edges we all love him very much and would love for You, Tiana, and Jhames to be apart of our lives.


  15. Kolie says:

    You are all absolutely pathetic for posting your family troubles in a public forum. Atheletic accomplishments aside, neither one of you has a shred of self-respect, and this idolizing of another person is a complete bankruptcy of the soul. Who cares about Greg Lloyd? Sr. has shown his idiotic behavior in the past. He was a great football player, no doubt, but equally a terrible human being. And now his litlle boy is following in his footsteps. And as for JR., if you were any good, you wouldn’t be playing at UConn. Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame, and the prison cell you will no doubtedly inhabit after your four years.

  16. Chap says:

    Mrs. Stephanie Lloyd,
    you are stupid, a coward, and heartless. If the kids did not have a reason to dislike you they sure have a reason now. You never talk about someone’s mother in the way that you have and think that you can have a healthy relationship with them. What were you thinking? What ever anger you have developed about Rhonda you need to address that with Rhonda not the kids. You have no rights. But you consider yourself to be the real deal. So what! You love Greg we all love Greg and know what type of person he is (those that have been in Greg’s life). You can’t tell Greg Jr. anything about his Father that he doesn’t already know. Greg Jr. knows that his Father loves him. Yeah, right now he’s angry with the situation but through prayer this to shall pass. I see that you did not take the advice that was given to you to stay out of it and just pray. Is this the way that you show the kids that you care about them by publicly disrespecting the Mother that they love, honor and respect there is nothing you can say that will change the way they feel about their Mother how dare you try. You have made Rhonda your issue by choice don’t involve the kids because they happen to love their Mother. The reason why Rhonda and Greg decided to have a maid and a nanny was because that’s what the two of them thought was best for the family. Rhonda was a single parent while Greg was working in Pittsburgh and Charlotte once Greg retired Rhonda was going to school to get her masters degree they were able to afford it so that’s what they chose to do for the family. If Greg did not want a maid or nanny for his children he would have never paid for one. So stop hating. You told their Father to tell the kids that you were the maid for no other reason than the fact that you were sleeping with their Father while he was still married to their Mother (keep it real). Did you share this information with your kids? But it’s alright for you to share the information that you have about your husband’s kid’s mother with them. This is not your business nor is it your business how Greg Jr. feels about Leredgin. Greg Jr. made it clear that he did not want you talking to him nor did he want you bad mouthing his mother. Oh! Since you think you’re the real deal I guess you don’t think that you have to respect Greg’s wishes. Stop emailing him he doesn’t want to be bothered with you, and leave the kid alone about their mother. Has your Husband forgiving his ex-wife? If not maybe you should practice what you call yourself preaching and help your husband to “FORGIVE” his ex-wife. First you need to start with yourself and ask for forgiveness for having so much hate in your heart towards a woman that has never done anything to you. Greg is a good person and I’m sure that Rhonda is too in her own ways or Greg would have never stayed married to her for as long as he did. By the way if Rhonda had not left Greg they would still been married. Appreciate the fact that Greg is a blessing to your kids, and that Greg Jr. has much love and respect for your kids. He mentioned that there were a lot of things that he could say about YOU but out of respect he chooses not to. Not because he didn’t want to waste his time but because he knew that he didn’t want to be disrespectful to his Father or to your kids. You might want to thank Rhonda for that. No matter how much you want to claim that she is lazy she did a great job in raising her children or else Greg Jr. would have cussed you out from the door. This is something you should learn from Greg Jr. You say that Greg is a blessing to your kid’s well try and extend the same courtesy to his kids and stop trying to insult the kid’s mother publicly. What type of heart do you have to where you though it was ok to do this. What a great way to show the kids that you would love for them to be a part of your lives. You’re not healthy for Greg’s kids nor are you ready to be around his kids.

  17. David Colvard says:

    I pray that Greg, Sr. and Greg, Jr. will get this all worked out among themselves. I was one of Greg’s high school coaches. Greg played the game of football with the most intensity of any player I ever coached or watched. During a game, he was an animal. Any other time I had any dealings with Greg he was soft spoken and a very kind and respectful person. I really think that he didnt get any major college offers because when they met him they just didnt think he was major college material. I remember working very hard to get him to go my alma mater Troy, where Chan Gailey was the head coach at the time. Greg instead chose to play at Ft. Valley State and the rest is history. Later on as Greg was playing in Pro Bowls he and I connected and he invited me to his new home in Georgia. He was very gracious. I had become an elementary school adminstrator and upon my asking, Greg agreed to come to the school (which was quite a way from his home) and spend the entire day meeting and talking to our students. He inspired many, many young lives that day.
    I do pray that Greg, Jr. will listen to his heart and give his dad another chance.

  18. Anthony Moody says:

    Greg Jr.

    Do not let your father leave this earth without reconciling your differences with him. When he’s gone, he’s gone and you’ll never get the chance to do it then. Sounds to me like you are reaching out to him. That is a good thing. I grew up without my father. He and my mother spilt up when I was a few months old and I had no memory of him. We searched for each other for 34 years. All we had was each other’s names. Finally, at the age of 35, I found my father. We only had ONE year together before he passed away. I was able to introduce my children to their grandfather as well as get to know this man. I’m also getting to know the other side of my family.

    I had a long time to think about what I wanted to say to him, but I prayed about it and God gave us the words to say to each other. It’s alright if you’re upset with your father, but you must forgive him or your anger/hatred for his past deeds will place YOUR life on a dangerous path. Forgetting what happened is hard, my son is probably mad about how he was treated growing up, but parents sometimes don’t think about how they discipline us before they do. Hell, sit him down and let him know how you feel about whatever happened and don’t let him talk till you’re done. However, be a MAN and be respectful while demanding the same respect as an adult. DO NOT let a fear of turning into him control your life. Also, DO NOT let your mother’s relationship with your father dictate yours. You will not truly move forward into your own adulthood until you purge yourself of this hatred of your father.

    Good luck in your future endeavors at UCONN and let that Beast out on your opponents. You and your family will be in the prayers of me and mine. Take care Greg and God bless.

    Exodus 20:12

  19. Barbara Lloyd says:

    Greg Sr and Jr
    If at anytime you need to contact me please send for my first dot [email protected], this is a correction for previous email. With all respect to you Stephanie of course for G. Sr. to contact me. Gregs, I pray that the words that are on this site, that you only see them as words and it doesn’t harden your heart. Only you two can come together and decide what your heart desires in a relationship. The words that come out of the mouth of people are just that words, you have to seek in your whole heart and find the power of forgiveness in a person not matter who he or she is, people speak in anger when they don’t have control of their tongue to think before they type, so therefore they are just speaking in a rage of anger and frustration but in reality they need to vent and will think about it later and know they they really didn’t mean to say that. If you close your eyes and take a deep breath and say I love me, I need to take one day at a time. People are fickle and subject to fail at one point or another in their life, they fall short,but they just sooner or later get back up and start fresh . Just plan your for living and enjoy each breath you take and each day your eye opens up to see another day, enjoy the birds that sing in trees, look at the couples who are in love display when walking hand in hand or dancing staring in each other eyes with love, the children you see playing and laughing, the old person that smiles when you say good evening to them or give them a helping hand or say hello to someone who is having a bad day. Enjoy all of that, matter of fact what I do to keep uplifted is I smile all the time and not let any negative spirit get in my zone, I cut them off. All the words of hate on this site are just words, don’t let it take a minute off of your life, or make you more angry, just smile and say IT’S JUST WORDS, we are not a perfect people, therefore they have a right to speak, and you have a right to let it roll off my back, unless they have encouriging words that gives you inspiration and avenues of approach to what you want out of life. If you take the negativity in your heart it will take time off your life, garbage in equals gabage out. Plan to get to your goal in life.
    “Is what you’re doing getting you to where you are going” And taking these emails literally is not for sure. Just LIVE LIFE and enjoy eveyminute of it sweethearts and the rest will come sooner or later. Do something unexpected for a stranger by paying it forward and your heart will be so joyful.
    God will Bless, keep him first in your heart.
    Barbara Lloyd (Big Sis)

  20. Jevon Stevens says:

    Long time no hear or see Ms. Barbara. In case you don’t remember who I am, i’m Linda’s oldest son. By your e-mail address I assume that your still in the army. I actually googled my name on the internet and saw this come up and honestly I forgot all about it. I glanced down to all the comments and saw that you replied a couple of times. I actually can’t believe this is still going on. I just knew by now that Uncle Greg and “lil Greg” would’ve definitely made amends by now. Come on folks this has been going on too long.

  21. TroyPo43 says:

    Greg Jr,

    Your pop was and still is my favorite Steeler ever, for his desire and toughness to excel at a position that he may have been considered undersized for. Coming from a small college that no one heard about to dominate for the best organization in football was inspiring to “little guys” everywhere. Now, you come here to UCONN and begin to make an impact in your second year when virtually no one expected you to play much at all. Congrats on the great season! You too, are inspiring and I would love to wear a Huskies #95 to the games this year. One problem: can’t find one to buy…help?

    PS: Don’t hold your grudge forever. My Mom divorced twice. My Dad was vile to her and myself for years, but we’ve made amends in the last 10 years and I’m glad we did. Here’s hoping you get to the NFL and get drafted by Mikey Tomlin and Black & Gold!!

  22. Barbara Lloyd says:

    Hello Jevon,
    Send me an email and no I am retired now but still work with the Army. Yes this has been going on and hopefully it will come to a happy medium I pray. How is your Mom, tell her hello. Hope to here from you soon.

  23. KTroutman says:

    Greg and Greg Jr……..forgive is a wonderful word and a peace of mine …..Greg Jr I knew your daddy pretty well as a teenage not as a man. Find a place in your heart to forgive him then he want have control over your life. As long as you keep that hate in your heart for him it will cause problems in future relationship with people. You don’t have to have a relationship with him to forgive him. I read where his wife said he is a wonderful man and what a great father he is ….like I said I don’t know the man Greg I only knew the teenager (17 – 19) so I did not see that side of him that she see. But time and years could change a person. I think the comments Mrs. Lloyd made about your mom was mean and unlady like. Like I said I knew your father and the way Mrs. Lloyd attacked you with her words is not the kind of woman that the Greg I knew would be with. Forgive! Greg Sr I pray that all is well with you and your family. Greg Jr you look so much like your father and I am sure he would love to have a relationship with you. Every body needs a second chance even your daddy.

  24. axs says:

    wtf u r a family act like it

  25. axs says:

    stephanie this does not concern you so let those 2 work it out:( ps . waz hannin james,tiana,………………….. gregory lol

  26. Lancd Hlavin says:

    Looks like your Father helped raise a good man….If he did do it… let it go .. it worked …. He only wanted you to not end up a street thug..

  27. Lance Lavin says:

    I pray for both of you to work this out.. And I hope you become half of the linebacker your Dad was..

  28. Cynthia Midgett says:

    Gregory Jr.,

    I was saddened to read the above article.

    You were one of my precious 1st graders at Fayette Christian School in 1995-1996. As I recall you were quite a hand-full : ) …and I loved you dearly.

    I have thought about you through the years, Gregory, and want you to know that I pray for you often.

    Take care of yourself, and put your trust in Christ…He is the ultimate Father.

    Love you,

    Ms. Midgett

  29. Perry says:

    Greg and Jr this too will pass. Time will heal the pain. Reach out for each other when the time is right.Believe that the Al Mighty will make a way.

  30. aTnIoAnNyAmous says:

    I jist happened to stumble across this site wen looking up my older brother and I am very upset. Not only are u die hard steelers fans blinded by a famous face you are also narrow minded. Everything my mother said my father did was true. Point blank. But most importantly, Stephanie you do not call my mom out of her name. Words cannot describe my loathing of you, however I also pity you for being so ignorant. Greg was lenient with u wen he said he didn’t like u in a previous post… My anger knows no bounds wen it comes to you. All in all this entire website is full of it. It is interesting to see the many ppl jumping on one bandwagon with a blind horse… I kno my father will try to reach out to me one day, and he could begin with an apology, all I need to hear is the truth from his mouth… I believe the relationship could restart if this were to ever happen.

  31. Brian Harker says:

    I happened to stumble across this sight and I really want to wish you and your father good things. All I know of your father was that he was “Just Plain Nasty” on the field for my Steelers. I see a lot of him in you in the way you’ve played. I was not aware of this situation until seeing this websight, but I do wish yinz will one day reconnect. I have a son, and all I care about is wanting the best for him and for him to be a better man then I am. Only you know how you feel and how you should handle things with your father, and only you know when the time will be right to reach out. Let God be your guide. Sometimes we fathers don’t always use good judgment with our kids even though the intentions are good. Our punishment is that the regret NEVER goes away and it forever grows with the passing of time.

  32. ms.stephanie lloyd says:

    i would first like to say that i am truly sorry to rhonda gregory jr. tiana and jhames. everything your mother warned me about was true. greg lloyd sr. is an evil man. he painted an awful picture of you guys to me and my children. however the true greg lloyd came out over time. i am very sorry for any pain that i caused to you all. to all of you that look up to greg lloyd, dont unless you look up to men that abuse their wives and children and cheat and lie. greg lloyd sr. yes was a good football player but he is not a good man. gregory jr. tiana and jhames dont fault your mother for taking you out of a bad situation. she only did it because she loves you. i did the same with my children. should you want to ever talk to me my number is (404) 558-1024 i will tell you the truth about any questions you may have. again i am truly sorry.

  33. Cathy J says:

    Funny the last post is from Stephanie Lloyd,she confirms that Greg Lloyd is an abuser and a cheat, yet nobody says”told ya so”! Props to Rhonda Lloyd for never responding to this crap and to Stephanie for telling the truth! Maybe you two can right a book, oh that’s right you fogged Rhonda out when the getting was good so she probably doesn’t talk to you. Well thanks for being woman enough to set the record straight for his blind fans and friends. You and Rhonda know the truth now don’t you, and you both learned the hard way. Good luck Stephanie, I hope they call you and I hope your kids are okay.

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