Greg Zaun : The Most Outspoken Murray Hewitt Lookalike In All Of Canada

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Blue Jays TV analyst Greg Zaun has previously bummed out Toronto players and fans alike with his caustic commentary ; he’s on the already on the record railing against “a consequence-free environment”. On Friday, the Globe & Mail’s Brad Wheeler quizzed Zaun about a broadcasting stance the latter defends as “brutally honest” (link swiped from Baseball Think Factory)

Honesty has gotten you in trouble with some of the players, right?

You know what? I don’t really care what they think. If they’re a mature ballplayer, they’ll understand what my job is. The older guys, the Jose Bautistas and Adam Linds of the world, they get it. They know I’m holding them accountable, in the same way I [was] when I was playing.

As far as the team not always playing the game the way it should be played, can you give an example of the Jays playing the wrong way?

The fact that a guy like Anthony Gose can’t [use his speed to hit] .300 speaks volumes to me about what’s going on in the minor leagues. The fact that he doesn’t spend an hour a day in the batting cage with a coach, whether it’s by his design or whether they have to grab him by his shirt collar. The Jays don’t draft well and they don’t develop players well. There’s a lack of accountability in this organization, from the top to the bottom.

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  1. Katie Sonnenberg says:

    Zaun, you are a piece of work. I can’t believe the Jays keep you on air. You are NOT Baseball’s equivalent of Don Cherry. You have no constructive criticisms for the Jays ie. Jose Reyes oops against Tampa Bay in the 4th inning of game one. Fans and Jose know what the situation is when he missed the ball, nobody needs you to point out the obvious like a Baseball Guru and demean him, your Baseball career wasn’t perfect, no one’s is. Don’t be such a Prima Donna when the camera is on, it’s not impressive, becoming or endearing!

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