GSM Waves G’Bye To Adonal Foyle

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With the week’s 2nd most exciting NBA story (closely trailing the Association’s new “I Love This Unbelievably Amazing Happening” slogan), the Warriors parted ways with Adonal Foyle. For Golden State Of Mind, this was an emotional moment.

Foyle™s career is best characterized by sacrifice. From losing 25 pounds for Nellieball that he never really experienced to providing some great mentorship to the bigs in the pipeline (over the years–Biedrins, POB to name a few¦haha), Foyle continued to give and give to this organization. You could even say he gave up minutes so other players could play.

We all know that fans are ambivalent about another one of Mullin™s controversial, yet intriguing summer moves. Mullin seems to be rescinding his claims two years ago of creating a foundation in getting rid of those awful contracts he gave out. Foyle, a recipient of one of Mullin™s biggest blunders as a GM, was a holdover from dark ages of Warrior basketball and it™s a little surprising that one of the worst players on the team (career averages of 4.4 ppg, 5.0 rpg, and 1.7bpg, .000 on 3s) outlasted Antawn Jamison, Larry Hughes, Gilbert Arenas, Mike Dunleavy (thank god), Troy Murphy, and JRich in their stays in the beautiful Bay Area.

Yet, we can™t deny Foyle™s work in promoting more active participatory citizenship in political participation with his organization Democracy Matters. He™s a thoughtful guy (poetry) who always had witty punchlines for sports writers. I still remember after the game where he got dunked on horribly by Amare, he responded with something along the lines of œI gave my body up for science.”

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  1. tenaletilt says:

    Couldn’t find an email address for you, so I’m putting it here… this is a link to a story straight after your own heart.

  2. Eric Schenk says:

    It’s always sad to have to kick such a good guy to the curb. But there is no doubt that having Adonyl eat up a roster spot and so much cap money damaged the Warriors significantly over the past three seasons. Leo Durocher put it best in pointing out the fact that there is no correlation between being a good guy and being a top level athlete. Everyone in the Bay Area who knows what AF contributed to the community wishes him nothing but the best. We only wish we would have been offering those sentiments four years ago.

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