Gunning For Frank McCourt…

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…with a zeal that would make a rational person (well, Harris Bloom at least) wonder “what’s the big deal?”, presenting DePodesta For President.

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  1. ben schwartz says:

    What’s the big deal? I don’t think the national media, of which I include CSTB on this one, has any idea how much LA fans loathe the McCourt/DePodesta front office. As I recall, CSTB shrugged off fan complaints in 2004 when chemistry Phd Paul LoDuca was traded to the Marlins and the Dodgers began to subsequently drain off what was fun about the Dodgers. They even fired the graphic designer who created the Game Over logo during Gagne’s awesome season. You may recall the disturbing Gagne shirts with actual facial hair on them that replaced it. All combined it certainly lead to Gagne’s fall from grace, or at least wobble from grace, and they never got the clubhouse under control with Milton Bradley as their team captain. No single move brought the Dodgers to where they are, but a series of bad and ineffective choices, financial and administrative.


  2. CSTB says:

    sorry, i wasn’t aware that DePodesta personally fired the guy who came up with the hairy Gagne t-shirts. If that was his call, I take it all back. He deserves firing _and_ shooting.

    I really don’t care how stocked the Dodgers minor league system might be, or how lucky they were to avoid giving Adrian Beltre a ton of money. Those shirts were the greatest.

  3. Harris Bloom says:

    Wow – you have quite the memory…

    I think DePodesta and Epstein (no longer a Sock) oughtta buy thier own team – not a major league team but several fantasy league teams – they seem the type

  4. ben schwartz says:

    I was misunderstood — McCourt/DePodesta HIRED the guy who came up with hairy t-shirts and FIRED the guy who came up with the Game Over campaign and graphics. Now I hope you see my point, a tip of the iceberg moment that says much. If Depodesta goes to Boston, look for David Wells shirts with extra gut padding and real beer stains.


  5. CSTB says:

    I think they’ve been selling shirts like that all over the Boston area for years.

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