Haven’t The Boxing Day Tsunami Victims Suffered Enough?

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Much as I admire the sentiment behind Joey Welz’ charitable efforts, I remain suspicious that he’s received messages from G-d. My own atheism aside, if a higher power were to contact Mr. Welz, my guess is the former would suggest to the latter that recordings that sound like Norman Fell fronting Loverboy are their own type of plague on humanity.

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  1. ian says:

    Wow, someone tell William Shatner that this guy totally stole his shtick. Tsunami.

  2. You are much too harsh with Joey Welz. The guy really does mean well, it’s just that he has visions of grandeur. Thing is, you should recognize these things for what they are: harmless and entertaining.

    So what if he didn’t receive a message from God? He did, after all, make these music videos.

  3. GC says:

    Mr. Trottier,

    I would submit that Joey’s video for “Rockin’ In America” is one of the few examples I can think of in which the promotional clip is every bit as good in it’s own right as the song & recording in question.

    As someone who has been given hours (well, minutes) of pleasure by Mr. Welz’ works over the years (particularly his brave attempts at hip hop and/or pop-metal crossoevers), I would never seek to diminish his musical legacy.

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