Happy Birthday America, from CSTB and Jack Buck

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As Albert Brooks once pointed out, every baseball game in America starts with the National Anthem, and yet one team always loses. Today, I’d like to break with that tradition and post this poem, with fireworks, by St. Louis legend Jack Buck. ┬áThis way, none of us are losers.

4 responses to “Happy Birthday America, from CSTB and Jack Buck”

  1. Tommy Hoops says:

    Funny, I don’t remember Joe Buck serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. So all this talk of bravery is on the shoulders of the children of others. Stay dead, Jack Buck.

  2. Ben Schwartz says:

    Excuse me, sir, but Joe Buck was busy serving the nation at Fox Sports at the time. He was enjoying an amazingly successful career built on nothing but pluck and talent, and unable to fight for his country while his employer and dad urged everyone else’s kid to do so. Jack stays dead, but his poetry lives on.

  3. ben c says:

    why do you hate America so much?

  4. justicenatchez says:

    i dunno. zombie jack buck sounds pretty interesting.

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