Happy Birthday GC!

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[Cosloy, this afternoon, working a CSTB “hot line” lead that Tiger Woods’ marriage might not be doing so well.]

For those of us born into a non-Xtian religous affiliation, who appreciate a certain “indie” sensibility to our music and bought much of it in the 1990s (if not so much now), and who don’t have any family obligations of a time-consuming nature this evening, and haven’t seen any breaking Milton Bradley news today “ we turn our Xmas Eve thoughts to another important birthday, that of CSTB founder Gerard Cosloy.   God Bless you GC!   Please have someone buy you a beer “ no, TWO “ for me!

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  1. chris says:

    Happy birthday, GC.

    The comments section is always light, so maybe you don’t hear this as much as you should, but thanks for everything you and the rest of the CSTB staff do here. Your sardonic wit and distinct style really help me get through the day sometimes and laugh at some of the absurd shit that going on in our country right now.

    I was saddened by what happened to you in August in a way generally reserved for relatives and close friends.

    Before finding CSTB, I would have look all over the internet for updates on Tru Warier, the Round Rock Express, Cub mailbags and Wally Backman. I genuinely appreciate all the hard work that goes into this glorious website and can’t really fathom daily internet browsing without it.

    Just wanted to throw in a note of thanks as you don’t quite get the fawning, mastabatory comments that infest other blogs.

  2. HBGC! Barring an intervention by an asteroid, 2010 is statistically likely to be an improvement for you. If only the Mets could say the same.

    And Chris: it’s not with a little sadness that I am reminded that CSTB is just about impossible to masturbate to.

  3. Tommy Hoops says:

    Gerard is one of the greats. I salute him for a hundred different things. Thank you and happiest of birthdays, GC.


  4. itsmetsforme says:

    don’t stop the bleeding, Gerard!

  5. Rog says:

    I, also, would like to add that you do not suck (that much).

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