Happy I-Told-You-So-Day To Andrew Baggarly

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More than two weeks ago, CSNBayArea’s Andrew Baggarly publicly apologized for the above tweet.  At the time, I wondered, “what would possess Baggarly to publicly float a rumor (via Twitter, natch) that Giants OF Melky Cabrera had recently flunked a drug test?” As it turns out, Baggarly might well have been possessed by credible intellligence, validated earlier today when MLB suspended Cabrera for 50 games for a positive testosterone test.

As quick as Baggarly was quick to apologize to Cabrera, I wasn’t nearly as fast this afternoon to apologize to the former, and that’s on me. Baggrly failed to gloat in reporting the sanctions against Cabrera, but did provide the most slim slice of consolation to Giants fans ; the previously suspended Guillermo Mota is eligible to return August 28.

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  1. If he had a credible source, he should have said so and stuck to his report. He floated some third-hand garbage, got called out, and apologized because he knew he shouldn’t have done that.
    The rumor ending up being accurate, and the rumor initially being credible aren’t the same thing.

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