Hardcore Journalism With Joe Buck

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Fox is about to start its nationally broadcast slate of MLB action tomorrow, and when he isn’t dissing Tim McCarver, the Orlando Post Sentinel’s Scott Andera drags this gem out of Joe Buck.

(Mr. Know-It-All and his young partner share a laugh over the latter’s great press).

Don’t expect Buck and McCarver to dwell on steroids Saturday. Buck says he and McCarver never intentionally ignore a hot topic, but with no new developments, the two and Goren all feel talking in-depth about it turns to overkill.

“We don’t take things so seriously that people are looking to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver to tell them our heavy thoughts on issues like this,” Buck said. “If I’m at home listening to that, I’d turn it off, hit the mute button or start playing Xbox.”

And no network wants that.

Funny, Joe had no problem editorializing like a madman when Randy Moss feigned dropping his trousers against Green Bay last winter, but I guess some thoughts are heavier than others. I’m not sure which is a scarier vision, Buck’s impression of a sports audience that wants to remain ignorant, or Buck going fragtastic while playing Halo 2.

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  1. David Bright says:

    Jack Buck , you ought to be ashame of yourself ! Your father is proably rolling about now ! As a cardinal fan I believe you gave too much to the Mets ! Maybe you ought to go live in New York ! Tim isn’t muh better , as a X Cardnial he too ought to move with you ! With the kind of comments you both made during tonights game they ought to send you both packing out of Saint Louis no matter what you think you have done here to help the city !

  2. GC says:


    I think your spell check is broken.

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