Hell Hath No Fury Like A Prospect’s Wife Scorned

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I know I’ve been critical of MLBlogs before, but suffice to say, the aggrieved work  of Leury Escobar Moreno, wife of Brewers SS prospect Alcides Escobar totally kills David Wright’s blog.

He abandonded me since october 7th. He was suppose to come and spend Christmas with me and never did, he was suppose to spend New Years with me and never did either. He only called to emotionally insult me and tell me that I was fat and ugly and that he had found someone better, all this while I was pregnent with our daughter. He later told me that the only reason why he married me was to get his green card. He would constantly call and send text messages insulting me and telling me that the baby wasn’t his which he knows is a complete lie and a DNA test will be there to prove it, he would call me and put his mistress on the phone to insult me. She is a prostitute in Venezuela who has slept with almost the entire country to say the least and all she has always wanted was money. She has a son who she abandoned and last I know now she is pregnant with Alcides child. It’s been so hard for me to find out while pregnant all this things and that I married a monster. Alcides got kicked off his team in Venezuela Cardenales due to bad conduct. Everyone believes that the little time he spent in the majors made his head swell to the max.Nobody respects him in Venezuela or in the Brewers organization because everyone knows what’s going on.His own mother and father and brothers and sisters want nothing to do with him to the point that they kicked him out of his house. He had a car accident in Venezuela in December where he totalled the car he was driving so to this day nobody knows what he will or will not achieve this upcoming year due to the fact that he has many loose screws as you can see.

We’ll see how long MLB Advanced Media allows these accusations to remain published. In the meantime, Steve Phillips can take slim consolation in knowing he’s no longer the front-runner for the Lamest Husband/Dad Of The Year. (thanks to Scott Comeau for the link)

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  1. hugo santos says:

    I thought the same way until I saw this very disturbing article on aol latino and in the miami herald this past sunday. Escobar takes the Dead beat Dad award for the Year what a scumbag!


  2. Johnny BigLeagues says:

    Wait, I’m confused: “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Prospect’s Wife Scorned” entry is dated 10/23/09 – yet the post from Leury Escobar Moreno on the MLB blogs was made a couple of weeks later in November of 2009. How can this be? What am I missing?

    I work in the front office of a MiLB team – unfortunately, there is nothing shocking about this story. In fact it’s quite mild by some of things that I witnessed and had the skinny on.

    Let’s just a very famous World Series hero from the late 90’s and his brother, both married, double teaming a very willing intern one night in the driveway of her intern residence.

    Actually that was mild – there was the former MLB closer working his way back to the Majors, who pretty much sealed the coffin on his career the night he coaxed the . . . again – willing . . . daughter-in-law of a prominent City Councilor to demonstrate her oral talents while her husband was inside hobnobbing with other players under the assumption she was getting some game used equipment autographed. She had game used equipment all right, and she got the guy’s DNA “signature”.

    Needless to say this was the worst kept secret in town. The paper could never report anything because the big league teams legal department stepped in and made sure everyone kept their mouths shut. Eventually there was an out of court settlement.

  3. Johnny BigLeagues says:

    Faux paux: I FORMERLY worked as a MiLB Front Office Exec.

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