Helping A Man With Bugs In His Beard Write Sunday’s Column

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It’s getting tougher and tougher for Phil Mushnick to write an entire column. From Friday’s New York Post.

With the NCAA tournament serving as an annual reminder of how big-time college ball is predicated on educational fraud committed by big-time universities, we’re reminded of the coach who was told by his star player that his midterm grades are out: Four F’s and a D.

“Son,” said the coach, “I think you’re spending too much time on one subject.”

Incredibly, Phil passed up the chance to comment on the University Of Florida trying to build a school the basketball and football teams can be proud of.

3 responses to “Helping A Man With Bugs In His Beard Write Sunday’s Column”

  1. unearthdreck says:

    Mushnick — lazy ,hypoctitical, fraudulent, overloaded with excrement, bile-filled. Why would you pay attention to this phony?
    Oh, and lest we forget, he writes for the New York Compost, that great bastion of American journalism. Let us barf……..

  2. GC says:

    “Why would you pay attention to this phony?”

    I dunno. I have the hots for him? Why would you pay attention attention to this phony paying attention to that phony?

  3. gonzojournalist says:

    Whatever happened to Mushnick’s little “tweasel (twerp + weasel) bird” Andy (Panda) Marchand? Someone said he went to work at ESPN. They deserve each other….

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