Heyman Predicts Larry Brown’s Next Stop

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With the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola reporting on the likely buyout talks between the Knicks and Larry Brown, Newsday’s Jon Heyman has the much-travelled coach’s new gig already lined up.

Although speculation has centered on Sacramento, which has an opening for a coach, a person close to Brown told Newsday that Golden State is more likely to be the well-traveled Brown’s next employer. The Warriors are owned by Brown’s neighbor, Chris Cohan, who resides less than one-tenth of a mile from Brown in East Hampton.

Things appear headed for a repeat of last year’s severance scenario, whereby the Pistons bought out about half the $14 million left on Brown’s contract. However, Brown and agent Joe Glass are so proficient at this severance game by now, Brown could actually profit after a 23-59 record in his one and only Knicks season.

Top Golden State executive Chris Mullin said April 17 that Mike Montgomery will return as coach after their league-worst 12th straight playoff-less season. But that was before there was any serious indication that Brown’s Knicks bosses wanted the Hall of Fame coach out.

If  you’re into keeping track of such things, when and if Brown leaves New York, Stephon Marbury will soon be under the supervision of his 11th coach in as many years.

3 responses to “Heyman Predicts Larry Brown’s Next Stop”

  1. josh says:

    GS is a terrible fit for Brown. No real big guy in the middle. An arrogant ball hog of a PG. And talented wing players who can’t play a lick of Defense. I think GS can turn it around but not with a coach like Brown. I’d like to see him go to Charlotte and work with okefor, felton, may, etc. There he has a nucleus of good kids from top college programs he can mold.

  2. GC says:

    this is just another reminder of what an incredible moron James Dolan is. If there’s already substantial interest from Golden State or Sacramento in Brown’s services, why negotiate a buy out? Mind blowing that MSG might be paying Brown $40 million to coach somewhere else….

    we all know that Dolan won’t be firing himself, but how does Zeke keep his job / solidify his power inspite of everything that has happened on his watch?

  3. josh says:

    It truly is one of the most remarkable stories I have ever heard of in any organization, sports or otherwise.

    I mean just this year Zeke brought in Jalen and Francis to compound an already horrible cap situation. How does Dolan keep signing off?

    But really, the only justice is for Isaiah to fail coaching these losers. It wouldn’t be fair to just let him walk away.

    By the way, Sutcliff drunk is still better then McCarver or Morgan.

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